The Start of the Semester

I know. Class sucks. School is awesome.

Why? Girls.

When starting classes, sometimes you get a few friends that happen to be in the same course as you.? Whether or not that is the circumstance, you wind up feeling a little awkward not knowing most of the people in the room.? On top of that, the first things that you usually evaluate are the hotties in the class.? The worst feeling is knowing you could get her or wanting to take a shot, only to see her chumming it up with some dork down the line and you feeling frustrated and wondering “why him!?”


Awkward Class

The first couple days of class are usually the most awkward ones.? Not just for you, for everyone.? Make a joke about it and just tell the girl “it cracks me up how awkward the first couple days of class always are because everyone is afraid to socialize.”? Making a simple statement like that shows that you are bold and have courage.? Most guys don’t make the move because they are intimidated that she is the hot girl in the room.? The guy she ends up with is usually the one who actually had the balls to even talk to her.? Break the ice, and then offer a simple exchange: “What’s your name and e-mail or whatever, this way we can hit each other up if we are going to miss class or need to catch up on something.? I might miss a couple days and will definitely sign you in on days you aren’t here if you could sign me in.”

Why this is clutch: Not only are you already breaking the ice with the hot girl, but she is also going to help you in getting a better grade by signing you in on days that you aren’t in school.

Taking it further: Build rapport by asking her to show you her signature so you know how to copy it when signing her in.? When she does, make light fun of her signature or that you can tell she practices it on the regular.? Crack a joke saying: “I like to consider this a try-out.? If you do well, then maybe we can even study together too sometime.”


Talking to a girl

Stay on point with your correspondence with her.? Don’t engage in long conversations or anything controversial, but a simple introduction and very light small talk is important each class because you want her to be comfortable with you.? Just don’t invade her space.? Be quick and concise and leave her off with a smile and a playful “I’m getting away from here before you get me in trouble.”

Why this is clutch: Getting her more comfortable with you is significant in getting a leg up on the competition.? The goal here is having her look for you, instead of you looking for her.? Time for groups or a partner?? How awesome would it be to look over at her and she makes strong eye contact letting you know she wants to partner up with you.

Taking it further: Be confident and joke around with her when you see her the 2nd or 3rd class.? “You came to my classroom again? Are you stalking me or like me or something? Sheesh!”? Clearly, she has to come to the classroom because she has class their too, you are merely poking fun at it.


Make Your Move

Catch her when she’s out and about with a simple, “Hey, Amber (or whatever her name is)!” However, you need to keep it at a balance.? Nowadays, you are friendly and say “hello” to a girl twice and her friends egg on that you’re a creeper or stalker.? So if you see her say “hey” and smile and be excited to see her.? If she is across the room or dance-floor, don’t push everybody out of the way and dive in her direction.? Sometimes, you need to give her a chance to say hello.? I like telling friends to go 75% in and then back to 50%, give the girl a chance to meet you half way and say hello and return the interest.

Why this is clutch: Getting her comfortable with you outside of the classroom is needed to set you up for when you see her at a party, bar, or a fun social scene.? This way, asking her to dance or offering to buy her a drink will be casual and hard to resist from such a nice guy like yourself.

Taking it further: Feel things going your way?? Body language working in your favor? Then invite her to study or grab a bite to eat when you have time.? Ask her to help you out with some homework or ask her to split the homework in half and you can copy off of each other.


Go for the Kill

So we’ve been passing the ball around and are helping you draw up the perfect play here.? Now it’s your time to get the ball with a wide-open shot.? Whether or not you make it, it up to you.? When you see her at a bar or party, ask tell her that you’ll trade her a dance for a drink.? Don’t know how to dance like a human?, then get her a couple drinks first so she’ll be drunk enough that it won’t matter.? Once you’ve got her dancing with you, you are in.? Girls do not dance with guys that they do not have an interest in.? They may not opt to hook-up with them in public, and you shouldn’t either; however, believe us, if she dances with you…you are in.? If she politely declines or says she’s driving or has some excuse, then the odds are that she is not interested. Although you may have missed your chance to score, you can get the rebound and still make a game-winning basket.? Simply tell her: “Whoa, whoa, whoa! I think there is some confusion here.? I will grace you with a dance, if you buy me a drink.? Dances with me are expensive these days and if you’re good at something, you can’t do it for free.? She’ll laugh it off, you saved yourself and you’re still golden.

Why this is clutch: This can go several ways for you.? You get a drink with a hot girl, you dance with a hot girl, you hook-up with a hot girl, or you hit on a hot girl to the point where she will tell her friends about you.? She’ll tell them the funny things you said.? Having girls say good things about you is phenomenal in college.? Imagine yourself as a video on youtube.? A night of stellar game like you just executed, and you’ve gone viral.

Taking it further: After the dance, tell her “I can’t believe you tried to kiss me like that!”? Pay close attention to her reaction.? If she’s smiles and jokes, then tell her you want to get some fresh air and make your move, already!? If you don’t get the chance to make your move and she is wasted, then the next time you see her tell her “man we were so drunk the other night, I can’t believe we did that.”? Just play it off and it will go a long way. 😉

Girls and their mouths...

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