9 Reasons Why You Should Go To Bed Early

There are many people out there (including myself) who end up staying up way too late at night. Whether its texting friends, scrolling aimlessly through the internet or catching up on TV shows, there?s always something which distracts us from getting a good night?s sleep. The end result I’ve found is that I wake up feeling exhausted the next day for work.

However, it?s not all of us that struggle to doze off because of sleeping issues. Most people are just simply staying up too late or putting off bedtime to do other activities. This is why we bring to you an article over at Huffington Post, which has nine scientifically-backed reasons why going to bed earlier can improve your overall health:

1. You Might Worry Less

Remember when Mom used to tell you that it would all seem better in the morning? She was right! Compared to people who turn in early, those who go to bed very late are more likely to be overwhelmed with repetitive negative thoughts.

2. You Could Get Along Better With Everyone

Been getting into a lot of arguments lately? There’s one easy way to fix that.?Too little sleep tends to leave people feeling?short-tempered, irritable, and stressed. Which means that little things that might not normally be a big deal can cause you to fly off the handle.

3. You Might Have An Easier Time Maintaining Weight

Research suggests?that the less sleep you get, the more likely you are to be overweight or obese. How so? When you’re regularly sleep deprived, you have less energy to exercise or make healthy food choices.

Remember that everything is easier to deal with in the morning when you wake up feeling refreshed and in some cases, you may not even need an alarm when your body is getting sufficient rest.

So if you?re planning to get an early rest sometime this week, make sure to use strategies such as taking a warm bath before bedtime. Keeping a regular pre-bed routine helps you prepare mentally and physically for sleep. ?Turning off electrical devices is also a clever move.





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