How to Trick Yourself Into Eating Less

Eating Less Without Feeling Like It

Counting calories isn’t fun or even always realistic, so if you want to take fewer in you have to employ a variety of tactics. Here are some ways to trick yourself into eating less without feeling deprived.

Have a Snack Before a Meal Out

If you’re waiting on your dinner reservation and feeling ravenous you are way more likely to eat more than you intended to. To combat this have a small snack around 200 calories a little while before you leave the house. It won’t fill you up, but it also won’t let your blood sugar sink so low that you eat an entire bowl of chips and guacamole before your meal arrives.Make your snack high in protein to make it lasting and low on calories.

Drink a Glass of Water

Our body has been known to mistake the feeling of thirst for that of hunger, so drinking a glass of water when you feel the hunger coming on might seriously cut it down quite a bit. Even if it doesn’t stop it completely it might be able to help you get a better gauge on how hungry you actually are.

Stop Eating Before You’re Full

It takes the brain a little longer to catch the message that the stomach is full, so if you eat to the point of feeling full you can end up stuffed. Try slowing down when you’re getting close to full but not quite there. You can always pick up your leftovers or have a snack if you’re truly hungry later on.

Slow Down and Eat More Mindfully

Slowing down while you eat will also help you . Part of this is taking the time to chew your food for an appropriate amount of time, and part of it is actually thinking about what it is that you’re eating. When you can slow down enough to see the different ingredients and textures in your food you give yourself time to start feeling full before you’re bursting at the seams.

Don’t Shop While You’re Hungry

Studies show that people who grocery shop while hungry have more impulse buys of less healthy food options. Have a high protein snack before you go and stick to the outer edges of the store where the fresher less processed food is sold. Avoid the aisles as much as possibly save for packaged goods like beans, oatmeal, and tuna. Leave the cookies where they belong.

Watch Your Portion Sizes

An easy way to trick yourself at home is to get plates that are smaller. Your brain will perceive the same amount of food on a smaller plate as more food, and your stomach won’t know the difference if you are feeding yourself enough to be satiated. The same goes for pouring yourself wine or cocktails. When you’re out, pack up half of a giant meal before you even start eating or make a clear line on the plate that you don’t plan to cross.

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