5 Tricks to Boosting Your Sense of Humor

Having a sense of humor sounds like something everybody should have.? After all, everybody does laugh.? However, we want you to be the guy who can be in a room with Jesus and Satan, or a priest and a rabbi, a hooch and a prude, and still be able to entertain all parties involved.? Like this:


It’s that simple. Watch comedians and look at how they view life, and try to emulate their style. The cast from Superbad is funny, but they are not the same type of funny that Jim Carrey is.? Ari Gold is hysterical, but not the way that the guys from the Hangover are.? Don’t steal jokes, because look what happened to Carlos Mencia. Where homey been?

Stand Up


While you’re reading this your brain is probably generating the proper inflections and putting the correct stresses on syllables to make the sentences sound correct (and you thought I was dumb, didn’t you?).? When telling jokes, delivery can make the difference between telling a joke about anal rape, and losing all of your friends that have vaginas. It all depends on how you tell the joke. If it’s a dark humored joke, try to tell it like a really funny joke and vice versa.

We are not the biggest fans of Dane Cook, but we do give him props for his delivery. Pay attention to how he presents. I would youtube a view videos of him.


While this may sound strange both mindsets are key to developing a better sense of humor. If someone’s being a twat to you try to comeback sarcastically. Make them look like the idiot, because half the time if someone’s trying to shit on you it’s because they aren’t funny or are just having a bad day.

Optimism is used to lighten the mood in tense situations, which can go either very good or very bad. Once again, show restraint. Don’t overuse sarcasm though, because then you’ll look like a sourpuss. The best type of sarcasm is thinly veiled sarcasm that’ll go over someones head.


Being funny is cool. Being funny most of the time is even cooler. But when you try to make a joke out of every sentence someone says, you’re an asshole.? There are certain times to be funny, and trying to prove your best friend’s dead grandma’s promiscuity at her funeral isn’t one of them. Learn to show restraint because not every person is as tolerant as you.


If you want to learn how to dish it out, you’re going to have to learn how to take it. Humor is all about making people laugh, even if it’s at your expense. The best thing to do when someone takes a shot at you,
is of course to retaliate. No, don’t kick the shit out of him, but have a witty comeback handy. The key here is not to sit at home and think of jokes, because they will almost always sound rehearsed, and unfunny.
In any conversation there’s always room to make jokes and nuances that will have your audience rolling. Just wait for the right moment, because when it happens….you’ll know. But seriously you’ll know, something
will just click in your head and you’ll either pull it off perfectly or fail. There is no try. Do or do not.

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