How To Eat Healthy At A Party

Parties can trigger overeating for a number of reasons ? whether its nerves or they?re serving all the unhealthy food you’ve been trying to avoid. Trying to resist all of the temptations right in front of you can be extremely difficult, especially when everyone else around you is tucking in.

However, do not despair. There are some simple steps you can take in order to prevent you from coming off the wagon at a social gathering. Eating a small portion (about 150 calories) of low-fat carbohydrates such as bread, dry cereal or pretzels for example, is a good starting point. By doing this, you can turn off your appetite so you won?t go food crazy once you reach the party. Over at Huffington Post, they have plenty of other useful tips and tricks:

1. Take A Loop Around The Food Before You Grab Anything

You want to know all the options available before you start to fill your plate. As you look over the offerings, take note of everything that’s available and start to decide what you’ll eat and how much.

2. Stick To ?Special? Foods You Wouldn’t Normally Eat If You Were At Home

Don’t waste calories on fattening dips, potato chips, French fries or pigs in a blanket that you can get anytime. Spend your calories on the good stuff like scallops wrapped in bacon or special crepes.

3. Be Strategic About Alcohol

Try to avoid anything that is mixed with soda (lots of empty calories) and be mindful of how much you are drinking. Stick to wine or spritzers and if you have a cocktail, go for one that is mixed with club soda or tonic water.

While you definitely want to enjoy the food and drink as much as you can, you don?t want to waste all the hard work you’ve put into healthy eating at one event. Also, if you regularly attend these sorts of functions, you don?t want to start creating bad habits.




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