How-To: Throw the Ultimate College Party

Wild Party

As much as everybody will always say “that party was sick!” or sing their praises about random parties, few will always hold a place in  your memory.  Sure, you’ll have your share of good times and parties, but you’ll always remember that legendary one.

Here is how to step up to the plate and be the one to throw the ultimate party…



If you plan on inviting tons of people, make sure you find a spot with lots of space (a big basement or backyard is a plus) where they can cause minimal damage. Cleary, if you’re still living with mom & dad, your house is NOT the ideal spot (unless they’re cool with drunken college kids all over the place, then by all means, carry on).  The place you pick is ultimately the deciding factor of how many people you should invite.  There will probably be a rotation of people coming in and out, but some of your hardcore party goers will stick around until the keg is dry.



How many people do you want there? Facebook is a great tool because you can reach a ton of friends and also keep a running headcount. BUT, be careful how you advertise, because you may end up with your girlfriend’s entire sorority at your door – which may or may not be a bad thing 😉



Before the party starts, make sure you clear out anything that you don’t want touched or broken. This is also the time to stash anything dangerous – footballs, baseball bats, anything that will tempt people to do something stupid.  Ice, cups, and mixers are always important – make sure you have enough so no one has to make the drunk walk to the corner deli to replenish supplies.  If you plan on playing beer pong, make sure someone brings the balls!  Also, make sure you have plenty of garbage bags for clean-up.



There’s no way to keep the under-21s out, so you need to take some precautions to make sure that they don’t get outta hand.  As the host, you just won’t have the time to make sure no one does anything crazy.    Find some friends who are willing to help you keep the peace & kick out the trouble makers before the neighbors call the cops.



If you don’t have the means to splurge, make it BYOB… admission to the party requires something to drink.  If you have the cash to lay out, have someone sell cups at the door.  $5 will get you a cup and admission – if you don’t pay, you don’t drink.  Guys, you know you need the ladies there… consider letting them in free to make sure they show up!  Also, make sure you have a variety of beverages– beer is always a must, but no ones gonna complain about a big bucket of jungle juice.



If you don’t have music, you don’t have a party!  Make sure the music is pumping to keep people in the party mood.  If there’s enough space, set up tables for beer pong/ flip cup tournaments.  Keep a deck of cards around for other games, like kings or suck & blow.



If you’re anal retentive and you want to follow your guests all night to collect bottles and cups, you’re gonna miss the party!  Unless the trash gets in the way of the fun, worry about it tomorrow.  The poor souls that pass out on your floor get the job of clean-up.  Guests, if you find yourself in the position, it is an unspoken rule that you are responsible to help clean the house – no questions! The fact that you didn’t spend the night on the curb should be reason enough!



Enjoy! Take a shower, figure out whose number is written on your arm in sharpie, get some breakfast, check out the 5000 Facebook notifications & tagged photos.  Remember, if you feel like there’s anything compromising in those pics, set your profile to private.  You don’t need your new boss thinking you spend every weekend in a toga.  See the endless comments about how amazing your party was. 

Bask in the glory… and don’t forget to thank The Campus Throne!


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