Get the Girl: Exams Week

Finals Suck.

They stress you out. Sometimes, they make you feel like you’re an idiot and everybody else is border-line genius. It puts you under pressure and your teacher just sits there, looking at you. Not just looking at you, but that look like they just got the last laugh or know something you don’t.

For most guys, a lot of this runs through our heads during exams. Imagine if we were girls: they freak out and get overwhelmed at the smallest things.

The point is: This is a great opportunity for you to make your move, Casanova. Whether you actually know the material, have to pretend to know the material, or don’t remember the name of the course, exams are ideal for getting close to a girl or two (or three).


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Simply approach girls in the class. Just go up to them and say “Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to get together at the library or something to study for the exam coming up. ” You’ll be shocked by the results and how easily the majority of girls will say yes. 9 times out of 10, the girl will give you her number or ask for yours so you can talk later to decide when to meet up.


Congratulations, you already got her number. When you meet up with her, you need to really focus on getting some studying in. You have her number and now you have her alone or somewhat isolated outside of the classroom. While this is already a pretty sweet deal, you need to stay focused. I definitely recommend cracking jokes here and there to keep her entertained, but don’t overdo it. If you spend the whole time talking and laughing, she’ll be regretting your get-together when the exam is in front of her and she realizes she wasn’t ready for it (thanks to you). Focus on the material and just ask her questions about the material. Be sure to go over old homework, teachers love putting that on exams.


When the exam is over: You will know for a fact that she either passed or failed (sounds stupid, I know, but keep reading).

If she passed: Act super excited and tell her “That’s it! We need to go celebrate.” Be persistent in making plans to celebrate that she passed. It will fly right under her radar, you sly devil.

If she failed: Act sympathetic and pretend you did well. Pretend you did well: this way it seems like the study session was productive. Cheer her up by saying (with a smirk) “I’m really sorry you didn’t do well…I owe you a drink so you can cheer up or down in your misery.” Pick a date and suggest a nearby place to grab a drink.

You had a girl in your class that you barely talked to and you couldn’t make your move. You ended up getting her number within minutes, got to spend some time alone, and even got a date out of it. If she’s taken or doesn’t seem too receptive…you still end up going out for a drink with a cutie.  What did it cost you? Studying.

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