How to: Build Your Alcohol Tolerance

Every guy wants to know how to build up their tolerance to alcohol.  Whether you’re trying to out-drink your college buddy or keep up with the hottie sitting across from you, having a strong tolerance is almost required of all guys.  Besides, you know when it’s birthday time and Spring Break time, somebody has to be able to hold down those 20 shots of tequila to make sure everybody gets home in one piece.


You need to start drinking a lot more often.  You also need to increase the amount of drinks you consume each time by a little bit.  I would say to start increasing maybe every week.  For example:  if you can only handle 3 shots per night, take those 3 shots each night (or as many nights as possible) for a week.  The next week take 4 shots per night.  The following week take 4 shots and a beer.  Try to stick to the same drinks, and once you start building up a tolerance to those drinks, then move to other drinks.  Little by little your tolerance will increase and it will show.  If you rush and try to drink too much too fast, then you will get drunk quickly and you will probably puke.  I am not the smartest guy but puking in front of people, especially girls, is not a good thing.  Take your time when increasing your tolerance.  There is plenty of time since you are in college.  By working slow, you will beat your friends in drinking games and show girls how a true man drinks in no time.


Working out is a big key too.  Getting bigger and building muscle is a huge way to build your tolerance.  By getting bigger, your body can handle more alcohol.  Remember to build muscle.  Do not get skinny because you will then not be able to drink more.  If you notice, majority of the muscular guys can handle more alcohol.  Get to the gym and start working out.


Another key to building your tolerance is to have a decent size meal before you go and drink.  Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates help slow the process of getting drunk.  If you drink on an empty stomach, then you are more likely to get drunk faster.  What happens is, when you have food in your stomach, the food absorbs some of the alcohol so your liver has less alcohol to filter.  Also, less alcohol is absorbed into the small intestine.  This means that you can drink more because your liver will be able to filter more alcohol.  When drinking on an empty stomach, the alcohol passes the stomach and goes right to the small intestine.  This is a problem because the small intestine will absorb all of the alcohol which will get you drunk quicker.  Also, it is known that drinking on an empty stomach is a horrible idea because alcohol is known to destroy your stomach lining.


Drinking a glass of water every time you have a drink will also help build your tolerance.  It will also help save you from the morning killer, the hangover.  Drinking water and alcoholic drinks will make you pee more, but it is a side effect to helping you drink more and help you build your tolerance.

Here are four ways in order to build up your tolerance to alcohol.  Give it time; you are in college and going to have many opportunities to drink.  Take everything slow and things will go your way.  Remember to increase the drinking, start to work out and build muscle, have a good size meal before drinking, and drink plenty of water.

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