When she doesn’t like sex

Does she hate sex, or does she hate having sex with you?

Decode Your Girlfriend?s Bedroom Avoiding Behaviour

It?s not that she does not like sex. It is that she does not like sex with you. She will let you believe that she is not interested in sex in general, in order to spare your feelings.

Your relationship is stale

It is hard for her to be in the mood when your relationship is under duress. This is most common in relationships where neither of you is putting in enough effort. A little romance will go a long way to boosting her interest. You also need to be aware of day-to-day strains taking their toll on your sex life. If you live together and you let her take on the lion?s share of boring chores, she holds some resentment towards you and feels like you need to give more than you take. It is hard to change the dynamic of your relationship when you have already fallen into habits, but livening things up should be one of your first actions when you notice your relationship beginning to suffer.

She?s not attracted to you

It could be that she is letting you believe she has no interest in sex, when actually she is just not interested in you. Being in a relationship is no excuse for letting your self-presentation slip. Make sure you dress well, put in some time at the gym and maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, as these can present problems in relationships. Beyond taking care of the details of your appearance, there is little else you can do. Sometimes you cannot help attraction. If you suspect that her problem is that she is not interested in you, you need to ask her about it. Otherwise, she will never tell you.

She may not even realise that her lack of interest is caused by a lack of attraction. Particularly if you have been together for a long time, she may have honestly forgotten what it is like to feel attracted to someone.

She doesn?t like intercourse

She may tell you that she does not like sex, but most likely she means she does not like intercourse. For many women, intercourse is unsatisfying. She gets no pleasure from it and she finds it dull. It can even be uncomfortable or painful. This is perfectly normal. Your bedroom practices should consist of mutually satisfying activities. Sex does not have to consist of five minutes of penetration before you roll over and go to sleep, and if that is what you are doing, you can hardly be surprised that she is not interested. Experiment with other sex acts, without the expectation of having to go all the way. Communication is key. Ask her what she enjoys, and deliver her an experience that she will actually benefit from.

External factors

Sometimes the problem is not you, it?s her. Be aware that certain medications, such as antidepressants and the contraceptive pill, can completely kill a woman?s sex drive. If she is going through a time of grief or high stress, her body will respond accordingly. She may just have a naturally low libido. You need to talk to her to find out what the problem is before you decide on any course of action.

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