The Importance Of Static Stretching

In previous articles, we’ve mentioned the importance of adding stretching to your workout routine. The truth is, many people still underestimate it and when they do stretch, they don?t utilize it as effectively as they should be.

There are a number of variations when it comes to stretching such as static, ballistic and dynamic, but in this post we?re going to focus on the importance of static. As the title suggests, this type of stretch involves holding a position for a certain amount of time. If performed correctly, it can provide numerous benefits but often it?s misused and because of that, static stretching gets a bad reputation.

On the other hand though you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking it prevents injury and, in some cases, it can actually hinder sporting performance. Over at Fitness Beans, they lay out the major gains from static stretching:


Enhances Relaxation

The act of performing static stretching means that everything else in your life has to wait for a moment or two. This environment is conducive to a feeling of relaxation. Furthermore, the stretches themselves are also an additional means of ridding the body of stresses and strains. Ensure each stretch is maintained for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Post Workout Activity

As mentioned previously, static stretching is not beneficial as a pre workout tool. It is however beneficial following an intense workout. Static stretching at this stage assists the target muscle in returning to its normal length and prevents it from remaining in a shortened position. Your muscles and body really will appreciate this stretching.

Just to reiterate the point mentioned earlier, static stretching is not beneficial in a pre workout build-up and can, in some cases, hamper your ability to perform. Understanding the benefits of this type of stretch alongside recognizing its limitations will help you plan the perfect warm-up routine.

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