Best Summer Date Ideas

Ask any girl what their ?ideal date? is any you expect to hear about dozens of roses and long walks on the beach. UGH! Maybe if you live in a chick flick?.but in the real world, I can tell you that?s not always true. While we?ll never turn down flowers or chocolate, those aren?t usually what we really want to do. HOWEVER, your car isn?t the most romantic alternative.? You don’t want to be getting bad body language half-way through the date.

Bad Date

Wait!, There is hope.? Here are a few of my own recommendations:




Hit up a playground one afternoon. Swings, slides, sprinklers?. What better way to enjoy a summer day! ?Cool down later with some ice cream? and maybe a cold shower 😉



Challenge her to a volleyball game, Frisbee, soccer (hey, now she?s running around in a bikini for you). Feeling creative? Build a sandcastle together or let her bury you in the sand. So what if she shapes you into a mermaid? Use that as an excuse to lead her into the water for a little more fun.


ferris wheel

Get cozy on the ferris wheel, share some cotton candy, share the thrill of the roller coasters! Play a game and win her a prize? no girl can resist the carnival game teddy bear! See how many rides it takes before she falls into your arms 😉


Hot Boat Girls

Take her out on a boat ? get your flippy floppies! Just make sure that this ride is a little more romantic than a trip with T-Pain. Think sailing in the sun, or a romantic nighttime excursion with your girl. Trust me, you?ll have her in the palm of your hand.


How about a ride in a hot air balloon? With a little Google magic I?m sure you can find a local listing. Its romantic, but not too cheesy. It may be a little pricier than the other suggestions, but I?m sure you?ll get lots of oohs and ahhhs out of her.



Ok, I?ll admit, sometimes a girl does want a guy to sweep her off her feet. How about a day at the museum? (I can hear the groans already) Keep it interesting by spending the day at a fun spot ? like the aquarium? we?re suckers for baby animals! Or how about a hands-on museum? Maybe those hands will be on you!



No one expects you to perform like you?re on Dancing with the Stars, but if your girl is interested, sign up for a dance lesson. Even if you?ve got two left feet, the fact that you gave it a try will leave her looking for a little dirty dancing later on. Who knows? You may even have a little fun.

Coming soon? real date stories!

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