8 Incredible Benefits Of Interval Workouts

If you?re new to working out, you may not be aware of the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) ? which is alternating phases of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. The theory is pretty simple: less time needed to make a big physical change ? sounds good right?

Well, over at Men?s Fitness, they spell out the major health benefits you can reap from this training technique. With the help of some fitness experts, the article also explains the science behind it:

1. You?ll Keep Burning Calories For Hours

?HIIT burns more calories during and after a workout than continuous aerobic training,? says exercise physiologist and athletic trainer Scott Weiss, C.S.C.S. ?The bursts of increased intensity simply increase the caloric expenditure, thus, more total calories are burned aiding in better body composition.?

2. It Can Boost Your Endurance

Next time you?re slogging on a run, pick it up?just for 60 seconds. A?study?in?PLoS ONE?found that just one minute of high intensity work on an otherwise not-so-hard workout can boost your endurance and your overall health, seen through measures like improved blood pressure and higher counts of mitochondria, which help fuel your body and brain.

3. It?s Great For Your Heart

Flexibility isn?t just important when it comes to touching your toes. ?HIIT increases the flexibility and elasticity of arteries and veins better than continuous aerobic exercise,? says Weiss. ?Because of the increased pressure demand of HIIT, the vessels actually get a workout as well.?

Be prepared for a very sweaty session. Interval workouts will smash calories, but they?ll also push your body to the limit ? so you may want to check with your doctor before you take on the challenge. Also, make sure to change up the exercises regularly. This will keep your heart rate up and force your body to burn more calories.



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