Which Scares You More: A Beautiful Woman or a Dangerous Criminal

The answer may surprise you?

Dear burgeoning seduction student,

If you don?t already know, a grocery store is a great place to approach women. They don?t have their guard up, there are plenty of reasonable ways to approach them, and you don?t usually have to talk to a whole group at once. One student of mine even called Safeway, ?Dateway,? because of his continual success meeting women there.

So, while out shopping for your new girl, you enter the produce aisle and there she is. That drop-dead gorgeous woman is just standing there, studying melons. You think about what you want to study?
Have you ever thought something like this?

?Man, I really want to approach her and see where things go.?

But, as soon as you thought that, a thought like this crashed your party?

?But I just can?t do that here. I mean, I don?t know her. Who am I to just walk up to her? What if she doesn?t respond and I look like a fool? What if she laughs in my face and it?s like my worst nightmare??

During this, you experience anxiety, start to doubt yourself, and then all of a sudden embarrassing thoughts from your past flood in. That?s not just the chill of the industrial sized refrigerators. That?s the paralyzing feeling of fear.

Ok, breathe.

I want you to think about this situation differently. We?re going to do a thought experiment that will you show you how irrational this fear really is.

What if She?s Not a Goddess Who Reduces You to a Quivering Mess?

For example, what would be different for you if:

She?s repulsive. Imagine that she?s got horrible BO, has yellowing teeth, and keeps nervously scratching her neck. You wouldn?t want to approach her, but what if you had a bus to catch and needed to know where the bus stop was and she was the only person in the store? Of course you would have to talk to her. You might feel disgust, but would you feel fear?

She?s a fetching employee of the store. It?s her job to tell you where your special brand of Mac N Cheese is and you?re not proud of your diet, but you legitimately want to know. She seems out of your league, but would you be afraid to ask, ?Excuse me, which aisle is the ?pasta? on? I?m getting it for a friend.?

She?s the hottie of your dreams, but there is a wild eyed brigand about to snatch her valuables and take off with them. You notice that no one else sees this happening and she?s just about to have her stuff taken from her. Just then, you see the thief reaching into his pocket for something ? possibly a weapon. Would you be afraid to say something like, ?Miss, behind you??

It?s a no-brainer that you would say something in any of these scenarios.

But, have you considered that you would rather have a stench you couldn?t get out of your clothes for weeks, reveal your unhealthy carb-eating habits to a total stranger, or risk your actual physical harm?
Then go talk to a woman you were interested in?

The first two seem reasonable, but ask yourself: Would you rather get between a deranged thief and their precious than talk to a woman by herself?

If you said yes, then you would be more willing to act in the presence of a potentially dangerous criminal.

?Really puts things in perspective doesn?t it?

While it is irrational, your approach anxiety is part of you. It?s often because something has happened in the past that still informs how you feel about acting on your desires now. It?s not something to be ashamed of. It?s something to act on.

Your approaches don?t have to be this way. What if your view towards meeting women in a public place was not burdened by the need to have absolute success? What if your perspective allowed you to do the things you wanted in a fun, exciting way? No more anxious thoughts crashing your party. You could claim your skill to talk to whoever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

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Wouldn?t that be a better way to go shopping?

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