How To Get The Perfect Squatting Stance

Squatting is one of those exercises that every athlete should be doing. The physical effects it has on the body is incredible and although it?s largely considered a lower limb workout, if performed correctly you?ll quickly notice overall gains in strength and size.

However, this is where the problems begin ? not many people actually know how to perform it correctly. There are some exercises you can get away with weakened form but squatting certainly isn’t one of them. It?s important you concentrate and learn the proper technique or you?re putting yourself at serious risk of injury. Over at Fitness Beans, they put to bed all the rumours surrounding the perfect squatting stance:

Getting Your Squatting Stance Correct

Where you position your feet will strongly determine which muscles you bring into action. It?s no different to grip positioning during a lateral pulldown or flat bench press.

Let?s commence with a narrow stance and feet close together. During this stance, your toes should be pointing straight ahead. This will place particular emphasis on the outer Quadriceps muscle group with particular reference to Vastus Lateralis.

So what happens when this positioning is altered to a shoulder width apart stance? During this foot placement, your toes should point slightly in an outwards direction.

This stance allows for overall Quadriceps muscle development. This is normally an individual?s strongest squatting stance, generally speaking.

By simply moving your foot positioning and stance, you can vary the primary muscles and place different amounts of stress on certain muscles of the leg. In addition, consistently mixing up the target muscles helps your quadriceps grow in a balanced manner.

Now you’ve discovered this new knowledge, why not give it a try during your next leg session.


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