Increase Your Happiness With These 6 Foods

Let?s be honest ? if there was one food out there that made us slim or happy, or cured all our allergy problems, then stores would be fighting off thousands of shoppers every single day. However, there are foods and nutrients which can help increase?our overall well-being.

So, how can foods improve our mood? This comes down to the brain. Having a healthy cognitive system is vital in terms of regulating mood, meaning when you eat good food, your brain releases chemicals which perk you up almost instantly. Over at Huffington Post, they list six research-backed better mood foods that you should be adding to your menu:

1. Probiotic-Rich Foods

In a recent Dutch study, 20 healthy volunteers received either a probiotic supplement or a placebo for four weeks. Those who received the real deal showed a significantly reduced reactivity to sad mood, which was largely due to a reduction in aggressive thoughts and rumination (you know, when you over-think or obsess on the negative).

2. Fruits And Veggies

In a study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, nearly 300 young adults kept daily food journals for three consecutive weeks, in addition to completing psychological and mood-related ratings. Researchers found that a higher intake of produce resulted in?more energy, calm and a greater sense of happiness.

3. Coffee

Coffee drinkers can be thought of as curmudgeons, but research has actually linked regular java consumption to positivity. In one study, researchers found that coffee consumed in the morning was?linked to energy, kindness and pleasure.

Make sure to try one of these foods for a quick pick-me-up, long term happiness or to keep that nagging feeling in your head at bay. Avoid looking for that one magic formula ? getting a good balance of healthy foods goes a long way to fending off diabetes, obesity and heart disease in later life.

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