What MMA Has Taught Us About Bar Fights


When it comes to a bar fight, don’t always bank on the bigger guy. No matter how big or strong somebody is, they always have that button on their chin that will make their whole body shut down.  Not only that, but in MMA, when fighting somebody with more reach or strength, the strategy is to get them to the ground. When a bigger fighter is on their back, their strength is almost negated. The same can be said for a bar and it’s tight atmosphere. Whether the octagon or a wooden floor soaked with beer and vodka, once a “big” guy is on the ground, they aren’t nearly as strong anymore. Not only that, some skinny guys can also just be scrappy. Just because one guy spends a lot of time in the gym, doesn’t mean he will know how to react after getting punched in the face. One strike to the head causes trauma. Fighters are trained to react to this trauma defensively. In many cases, the average college guy goes into a state of shock for a few seconds.


What is cauliflower ear? It is when fluid (mainly blood) gets trapped in the inner cartilage of one’s ear. In other words, people who fight a lot and get hit in the side of their head wind up with this deformity. In other words, if somebody has cauliflower ear, they have experience fighting. I would say that 95% of MMA fighters have cauliflower ear. It does not necessarily mean that they get their ass kicked because this could occur while sparring or training. Regardless, this is a clear cut sign that they know how to take a hit and more than likely will know how to deliver one.


Just because one guy is taking and seems confident that he will win the fight does not mean that we will actually win it. In MMA, fighters often talk smack leading up to a fight. Let’s take Michael Bisping for example. He was undefeated and was constantly talking trash to Dan Henderson throughout the Ultimate Fighter, while they were opposing coaches. When it came to their meeting in the octagon, Bisping’s outspoken confidence was knocked right out of him by Dan Henderson. Dan kept more quite and reserved and saved his opportunity to retaliate to be expressed in the octagon.


I like to think that America is the best place to live. I’ve been to many places in my 22 years on this planet. I’ve been to Mexico, Brazil, Europe. Sometimes, the foreigners I’ve seen remind me of fairies. Still, even if they bump into me or seem to be looking for trouble, I try to avoid it because I do not really know them. Had they been somebody local, I would have delivered a donkey-punch if they crossed the line. Take a good look at the above picture of Anderson Silva. If you saw this guy on the street, I bet that you wouldn’t think he is too intimidating. Yet, this Brazilian has won his last 11 fights in the UFC, which include causing a mental breakdown to the first Ultimate Fighter Champion, Forrest Griffin and completely rearranging the face of former UFC champ Rich Franklin.


You see this guy in the picture? Not only did he win the Ultimate Fighter Season 10, but he destroyed Kimbo Slice. You know Kimbo? That guy with the grizzly beard who looks like he eats babies for breakfast. This chunky fellow seriously left Kimbo completely defenseless. While he seems chunky and out of shape, he knows how to throw down. Aside from Kimbo, he also knocked out a former NFL starter in the finale of the Ultimate Fighter. Not bad for somebody who loves twinkies.

…Choose your battles, my friends…


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