A Simple 4-Step Mobility System For Lifters

Most of us are tricked into think complexity is the key when it comes to maximizing gains. A quick analysis of the fitness world is full of complex diets, workouts and ways to lose weight ? despite there being overwhelming evidence that the simple stuff often works better.

Mobility is another one of those areas where people like to over-complicate things. While it may seem daunting initially, when broken down it?s really not that difficult. We understand how a fancy routine might seem appealing to you ? I mean, how could you be wasting your time if you?re doing a complex move that needs a lot of effort right?

Wrong. There?s a big difference what you think is working and what actually works. Over at Breaking Muscle, they have a straightforward and efficient approach to improving your mobility:

Step 1: Unload The Position

When trying to get into certain positions – an overhead squat, for example – there is a high demand placed on a lot of different muscles in terms of producing force, moving the body into position, and stabilizing that position. These multiple demands create a lot of potential for breakdown.

One of the easiest ways to improve your position is by removing the load, and I don?t just mean lowering the weight.

Step 2: Challenge The Position

Now that the stability demand has been removed, you?re free to move further into the position than you would normally.?For a squat, this is pretty simple – go deeper.?If you can get to depth, then work on making sure you’ve got a neutral spine and an upright posture.

If you?re trying to improve your overhead position, grab a PVC pipe and hold it over your head while you?re in the bottom position.

Make sure to try this method with different movements.?Allow yourself some scope of creativity if you?re feeling adventurous, but don?t drift too far away from these basic principles. Remember, simple works.



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