How to organize your wardrobe

A minimalist wardrobe makes it easier to get dressed.

Optimize Your Wardrobe And Get Dressed Faster

Giving your wardrobe some order will make it simple for you to put together stylish outfits in an instant.

Cull your old clothes

Efficiency will make dressing well so much easier, and you will realise what key pieces your wardrobe is missing. Your wardrobe is probably filled with items that are out of season, that don?t fit you, or that need repairs. The first step to getting your wardrobe organised is to get rid of everything that you do not wear. I know it is hard to throw out beloved items of clothing that fit really well, but have been worn to death. If there is no way to fix it, you have no choice but get rid of it. You will also find that you have plenty of perfectly good clothing that you just do not wear. There is a reason you do not wear it. Donate to an op shop to assuage any guilt. Be brutal and systematic. Identify what you are definitely keeping, what needs to be thrown out, and what can be donated. You may also have a ?probation? category, for items which you probably should get rid of, but you will give them one last chance. If you do not wear the probation items within a defined time period (one month, three months, or six months are good timeframes), it needs to go.

Go with the seasons

How you dress changes with the seasons of the year. You will not be reaching for a heavy coat in summer, and you will not be needing board shorts for swimming in the freezing winter months. Increase your wardrobe efficiency by storing seasonally appropriate items where you are most able to access them. Your go-to items for the season should be located at eye level if on shelves, in the centre of your wardrobe for hanging items, and in one of the top drawers for items belonging in your dresser. If space is at a premium in your wardrobe, you may also want to store away items you are unlikely to use. Vacuum bags are ideal. Every few months, dedicate a bit of time to organising your wardrobe to optimise for the months ahead.

Put like with like

Shirts should live with other shirts. Pants should live with other pants. It seems obvious, but many people run into wardrobe difficulties because they shove items wherever they fit. Within each category of clothing, find a way to organise garments thematically. You may have plain shirts together, followed by textured shirts, followed by patterned shirts. The real challenge is then to stick with the system whenever you put clothes away.

Store items properly

Take care of your clothes and you will be wearing them for decades. Find out the best way to store each garment. A suit which is reserved for special occasions should be stored in a protective bag. Woollen items should never be hung up, as the neck and shoulders can stretch out of shape. Use wooden or satin padded coat hangers for sweaters, jackets and cardigans. Plastic hangers will do the job for shirts and for jeans. Pants which need to be kept straight require trouser hangers. Avoid wire hangers; they can stretch out your clothes and leave rust stains.

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