Step Your Way To A Shredded Body

Gym memberships and supplements are certainly not cheap, especially at a time where gym culture is beginning to dominate modern society. However, don?t be fooled into thinking you need all the flashy gear and a personal trainer.

When it comes down to it, health and fitness can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. If you make the most of your surroundings, there?s no point spending all your spare cash on gym gear.?The only thing you need is a bit of imagination to turn everyday objects into a serious workout. Over at Fitness Beans, they have a post which will help get your creative juices flowing:

The Step Workout

Step Running:

This first exercise requires you to run up every single step one at a time whilst ensuring you don?t miss any out. When you reach the top simply turn around and walk back down. Use this downward phase as an active recovery period.

Double Step Running

This second exercise closely mimics that of the first exercise, although rather than hitting each individual step; hit every other step as you move up the stairs. Once again, when you reach the top simply turn around and walk back down.

Stair Hopping

You are now onto your third exercise. For this choose a leg and single hop all the way up the stairs. When you reach the top jog back down before repeating this process on the other leg. When both legs are completed once then walk back down.

This quick 20 minute workout targets the lower limbs whilst also giving you a thorough cardiovascular session. The muscles involved include your hamstrings, quadriceps and calves amongst others. Even if this routine doesn?t meet your fitness requirements, hopefully it will at least help you plan other creative workouts.

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