7 Tips To Help Night Owls Wake Up Early In The Morning

Being a night owl isn?t easy in a world which is built around early risers. With the majority of meetings or conferences taking place in the mornings, there comes that inevitable point where a night person has to flip their entire sleep schedule in order to make it.

This can be extremely difficult if you?ve been working late the night before, been travelling through time zones or work from home a lot. Here, we bring you seven ways on how to keep your cool during the dreadful morning hours.

1. Set Your Alarm 15 Minutes Before You Want To Wake Up

By doing this, you can hit snooze and sleep for that little bit longer. Also, when you?re drifting back to sleep, you can mentally prepare yourself for getting up when the next alarm rings.

2. Ask Yourself Why You Want To Wake Up Early

Realistically, you?re not going to convince yourself to wake up early for no reason in particular. There is some psychology behind it ? just simply turning off the lights isn?t enough. Before you sleep, ask yourself what you?re gaining from waking up early and make sure you really want it, or you?ll be hitting the snooze button all morning.

3. Train Your Body For An Early Rise

For people in a morning routine, their bodies are already trained to anticipate sleep. Night owls on the other hand, are used to waking up mid-afternoon. Instead of getting up at 6pm and trying to sleep at 12am, make gradual changes to your routine. For example, if you sleep at 8am, go to bed 15 minutes earlier and wake up 15 minutes earlier.

Unlike some other sleeping tips, this is easily sustainable because it?s a minor tweak. Then the next day, you can adjust your sleep a further 15 minutes and so on. Within no time, you?ll be a morning person!

4. Adjust The Environment To Your Advantage

Block all sources of light, including the tiny red standby light on your TV. Put the gadgets away and stop watching TV one hour before bedtime, as the blue light from these screens disrupts the hormone in your body which regulates sleep.

If you like reading at night, use a real book and a night light. Also, keep your room at a chilled temperature and play soothing?music if you live in a noisy neighborhood.

5. Prep The Night Before

Make sure you?re as prepared as possible for the following morning and give yourself sufficient time to get everything done. If your day starts early and is manic for the first couple of hours, you?ll definitely want to think about mapping it out the night before. This will help lower any stress you have about the next day and help you feel relaxed as you go about your business.

6. Use Your Pet As An Alarm Clock

Animals are good alarm clocks, especially because most of them need feeding early in the morning. They?re noisy, persistent and relentless and will have no worries about hammering your bedroom door down until they?re fed.

For some people they find this adorable but others find this pretty annoying, at least in the beginning, when they?re not accustomed to being woken up by so much noise.

7. Resist The ?Five More Minutes? Urge

We?ve all experienced that horrible twist of fate when we wake up five minutes before our alarm. However, the answer is not sleep through those extra five minutes. Going back to bed can put your body into a deeper sleep, making it even harder to wake up when your alarm does go off. That?s why when you hit snooze and nap for an extra 10 minutes or so, you wake up thinking time went by fast.

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