17 Things You Should Know About Your Metabolism


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Calories in and calories out. By now we probably all realize how complicated and endlessly frustrating the bodies means of slimming down is. That simple formula is a little misleading, good for remembering and fun to say, but not all that accurate.

For some, you’re lucky enough to stay thin no matter what you eat — that doesn’t make you healthy, however — for others is the exact opposite, no matter the food or the exercise, that weight is going nowhere. Is there anything we can do? Why is this health issue that literally everyone has to deal with, so endlessly problematic? Buzzfeed has a few answers — 17 in fact. They’re not in any way making it more simple, but at least offering us a deeper understanding:

2. You really shouldn’t compare yourself to other people.

“Metabolism is really specific to each person — people don’t recognize that it’s about the individual, and you have to know your own genetic makeup to really understand it,” Comite says. “I like to reference the fact that I’m an identical twin,” she says. “And [my twin and I] put on weight differently, the way we work out affects us differently. And that’s true for every human being.”

Well, that helps explain a big part of it. Of course, we still want to know what we can do to change, and for that you’ll need to read through the rest of the 17 tips.

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Sam is a writer living in Uruguay. Sam follows the latest in aging break throughs.

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