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Real Reasons She Broke Up With You

The Real Reasons She Dumped You

We like to think that honesty is important in relationships but not everything feels like extends to the end of relationships. Sometimes we’re so certain that the breakup is necessary that we don’t feel like it’s imperative to talk it out, but that means sometimes the real reason behind it isn’t totally revealed. Here are some common reasons why we break up with guys that we might not want to talk about.

You’re a Baby

We’ll take care of you when you get sick but if your whiny behavior just won’t quit we can lose interest pretty quickly. After all we’re trying to date a man here. Mama’s boy behavior can be a little rough to, you shouldn’t have to check with your mom before every little decision you make or defer to her over the girlfriend who’s right beside you.

We Don’t Have Sexual Chemistry

It might not be that you’re terrible in bed, but if we don’t feel the magic between the sheets it’s hard to continue a sexual relationship. (Which sort of takes us into more of a friend territory.) Being turned out is emotionally important but also physically important for a woman to be able to have sex to begin with, so if we’re not feeling it, we’re not feeling it.

You’re Too Needy

We want to be at the center of your universe but we still want your universe to exist and be flourishing. When a guy drops everything, starts neglecting his guy friends, and totally changes from the guy we fell more things might cool down a bit on our side. We want our own time and space as well, and for that to happen both people need to keep their independence to a certain extent. But what are we supposed to say, that you like us too much?

You’re Too Controlling

That being said, putting demands on her to fit your way of doing things doesn’t always work out either. Sure you probably know better at certain things and could help her straighten a few aspects of life out but there’s a difference between making suggestions and all out criticism. We want to feel like you like us, not like you want to turn us into someone else completely.

You’re Boring

We’re all for drama free but we still want a guy to be interesting and to have habits and hobbies that are different from our own so that we can experience some new things in the world. If we have to suggest every meal, choose every playlist, and have to drag you off the couch every weekend?we might end up pulling the plug on the relationship.

You Don’t Show Interest In Our Life

When we’re all in with a guy we take a real interest in what’s going on in his life, and we expect you to do the same. You don’t need to remember the name of our favorite nail polish color but we do think it’s cool when you remember that we had a big meeting at work and ask how it went. When you don’t, we assume you’re not that into us and might start looking for someone who is.

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