5 Ways to Fit Your Health into a Busy Schedule

Time is what we’re all a little short of.?We can always earn more money, but finding a few more hours each day just doesn’t happen. Work consumes so many lives, so it’s not hard to see why people can have such a difficult time trying to make room in their busy schedules for health and fitness related activities. Going to the gym will have to wait, coffees more important than water right now, you can sleep properly on the weekend.

Well, that’s not the right way to live, but even if you are stuck in that situation, there are ways to give your health a little boost too. When time is not on your side you need to make do with what you have, sometimes that means thinking about your health while you’re on the job, other times it means making a few sacrifices to your work. An article in Huffington Post has put together 5 tips for adding fitness related activities to a busy schedule — for example, put some more importance on that water:

4. Make water the drink of choice.
Eight glasses of water a day will keep you hydrated and help you lose weight off. Drinking water suppresses the appetite making one less likely to overeat. Water is easily accessible with water fountains at work, the mall, airport, etc. Always carry a filled water bottle on hand or have access to a fountain if you run out.

Don’t settle on putting your health and wellbeing second, make some time and take advantage of these tips. Your health will do more than you think — it’ll affect how happy you are, how productive you are, and boost your intelligence and creativity. Work will become easier if you only give your body and mind a little time of their own.


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