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10 Awesome Benefits Of Giving Up Drinking

Let?s face it ? most of us love a drink. Alcohol is such a prominent part of modern society, with billboards and magazines constantly reminding us that drinking will help get beautiful women and make us the soul of the party.

However, in reality, drinking has negative impacts of millions of people?s lives across the world. The truth is there are way more benefits of quitting drinking than to continue downing pints. Here, we list 10 great reasons why you should reconsider your unhealthy habit:

1. Stay Fit

Like chocolate, cookies and donuts, alcohol contains a lot of empty calories. The body stores its sugars as excess fat. Not only does booze fail to provide any vitamins or minerals, it also prevents your body from absorbing nutrients from other sources.

Binge drinking can greatly affect people with weight issues as alcohol lowers your metabolism and muscle recovery, which puts a major dent in your ability and endurance.

2. Healthier Bank Account

Drinking is an expensive hobby. We?ve all experienced that horrible moment after a big night out when we go to check our wallets and it?s completely empty. Instead of chucking all your spare money on booze, why not store some of it in a savings account or pay off any outstanding debts.

3. Remain Disease-Free

It?s well documented about the brutal effects alcohol has on our bodies, including an increased risk of cancers, cognitive disorders and cardiovascular disease. Just a month without drinking will see you benefit from improved liver function, blood cholesterol and an overall stronger immune system.

In addition, if you?re struggling with any wounds or physical problems, a sober lifestyle will help you recover faster.

4. Better Sex

Alcohol and sex have had a long running relationship with each other. Whilst you may indeed hook up with girls a lot more when drinking, these one night stands are not always fully satisfying. Too much booze can result in the dreaded brewer?s flop and prevent you from ?getting it up?.

Also, people are more inclined to take risks in sexual behavior under the influence of alcohol, which could lead to unwanted STD?s.

5. Improved Mood

Booze can wreak havoc on our emotions and mood. Our emotions tend be more extreme and can even lead to bouts of depression in between drinking sessions. For those people who already suffer from emotional management issues, being heavily under the influence can be dramatic and sometimes violent. Sobriety allows you to always be in control of your mental wellbeing.

6. Be Smarter

Life is one big challenge which requires us to be constantly thinking on our feet to solve problems. Drinking obscures our ability to do this as it dulls the senses and brainwork. Having more than five alcoholic beverages in one night affects your brain for up to three days. Quitting will help you think clearer and improve your memory.

7. No Hangovers

That amazing feeling of waking up without a banging headache and a dry mouth is something which you will never tire of. Plus, you won?t have to write off a whole day in bed trying to recover from the night before.

8. Better Skin

It can be easy to forget what we used to look like before we started drinking, and how much our facial features have deteriorated because of it. Taking a break from booze will give any spots or acne you?re suffering from a reasonable amount of time to clear up.

9. Improved Attendance At Work

You won?t have to lie to your boss about why you couldn?t make it in this morning. Or if you?re looking for a new job, it will give you plenty of time and energy to find one. Driving to work after a big night out also puts you at risk of being caught over the limit, which could lead to heavy fines and having your license revoked.

10. Increased Self-Confidence

Overcoming a major obstacle such as drinking is great for confidence. If you can beat challenges like this, what else could you achieve? The sky is the limit!

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