Bodyweight Exercises: Targeting The Full Body

Bodyweight exercises are an awesome way to build both muscular strength and hypertrophy, but are frequently underrated by many individuals. They should be a key part of any exercise routine, regardless if you?re a novice or expert.

Not only are bodyweight exercises cheap and require very little gym equipment, they?re also very good at pushing the body to its physical limits. In addition, they can be done anywhere and at anytime, which could be important if you can?t make the gym or if you?re a long way from home.

When you think of weight-free exercises, you probably imagine push-ups for the chest and pull-ups for the back. Whilst these are useful workouts, sometimes you may need something which is a little more challenging than that. Over at Fitness Beans, they have two full body exercises?you should definitely consider adding to your gym routine:


This compound movement targets numerous major muscle groups including the quadriceps, calves, shoulders, chest and triceps. To perform this exercise start in a standing position with your feet approximately shoulder width apart.

From this position bend down and place both the palms of your hands on the floor and allowing your legs to move behind you, as if you were trying to adopt a press-up position. Perform a single press-up before bringing your legs back in towards your torso and jumping upwards in an explosive movement.

Squat Pull-Ups

This compound exercise targets numerous major muscle groups including the glutes, quadriceps, back and biceps. To perform this exercise start in a standing position underneath a rigid bar or immovable object you can pull yourself up against. Your feet should be approximately shoulder width apart.

The article also has two easy-to-follow videos which explain how to perform both exercises correctly. Whether you have a gym membership or not, be sure to give these a try. You?ll be surprised at just how effective they really are.

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