Style lessons from Bruno Mars

Take Inspiration From Bruno?s Smooth Style

Singer Bruno Mars is famous not just for his vocal talents, but also for his distinctive taste in fashion. He may come across as a sensitive guy in his music, but his manner of dress can be described as palpably masculine with a touch of hippie style. He is not afraid to leave the top few buttons of his shirt undone, yet, like a gentleman, loves to wear a trilby or fedora.

Accessorise with a hat

Mars is rarely seen without a hat. He tends towards fedoras in all manner of colors and styles. Not everyone can pull off a fedora, which have become more of a clich? than a staple piece in recent years. Take inspiration from Mars by finding a style of hat that you are comfortable with.

Blazers and leather jackets

You won?t find Bruno Mars wearing an old mangy coat. He has two style staples for outerwear: leather jackets and blazers. He has quite the collection and experiments with different colors for his jackets. A grey blazer atop jeans and a plain shirt is one of his go-to looks. A grey blazer is far less formal than a black suit jacket, but still looks clever. At times when he wants to display more attitude, he adds a leather jacket to his outfit. Black is an easy color to wear, but he is also known for wearing red leather jackets.

Structured jackets are crucial to Mars? look because they give him a more mature edge. Despite pushing thirty years of age, he appears quite youthful, especially as he never has a trace of facial hair. At just 5?5?, he is not exactly tall, especially by celebrity standards. His jackets of choice make him look more imposing. A strong sense of style is also important for guys on the short side, as it draws attention away from a trait that many look upon unfavorably.

Keep it interesting with jewelry

Mars prefers a laidback look with character, rather than the sleek, minimalist look which is fashionable at the moment. His outfits draw the eye with plenty of jewelry, usually in a bohemian style. It is not uncommon to see him adorned with wooden beaded bracelets and necklaces. When he wears metal jewelry, he picks thin chains with slimline pendants.

Square glasses

A pair of black wayfarers is never far from Mars? face. Usually, he will be wearing sunglasses, but he occasionally wears regular wayfarers. If the glasses are not on his face, they will often be hanging off his shirt. Wayfarers ooze effortless coolness. The popular style will instantly improve anyone?s look.

Check shirts

A laidback patterned shirt is the centrepiece of Mars? casual look. He often wears checkered shirts, channelling his inner lumberjack. He often wears shirts that are slightly loose, giving him a laidback look. He is fond of other patterns too; sometimes he wears shirts with truly hideous patterns, but he can get away with it as he accessorises well and carried himself with confidence.

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