7 Delicious Post-Workout Meals You Have To Try

It?s extremely important what you eat after a workout. Ideally, your meal should be a mix between protein and carbohydrates, but it should contain less carbs to the meal you ate in the morning or at noon.

The reason: We?re less active in the evenings and those extra carbs could turn into fat. Make sure to eat within 30 to 60 minutes of finishing exercise as this is when your muscles are most receptive. Also, don?t limit yourself to just plain chicken, protein shakes and rice everyday ? it?s boring and can make clean eating feel like a slog. Besides, your body needs a variety of nutrients anyway in order to perform efficiently.

That?s why we?ve complied this list of seven simple meal ideas to help you get the perfect mix of protein and carbs after a heavy workout.

1. Stir Fry Chicken With Brown Rice

Stir-fry is a great way to pack a ton of nutrients into one meal. Begin by saut?ing some diced chicken and chuck in fresh ginger for flavor. Then, add sliced pepper for a large dose of vitamin C and serve over a portion of brown rice.

2. Grilled Turkey And Ham Sandwich

You can never go wrong with the classic hand-held sandwich. Its low sodium content helps replenish the salt lost when sweating during exercise and the tomatoes add a welcome boost of vitamin C. Make sure to sub in wholemeal bread for wheat to cut out the processed crap and increase the fiber levels. Grill up this tasty meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

3. Maple Grilled Salmon

Salmon is an ideal source of protein, as well as containing a lot of heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Serve with vegetables and brown rice to complete a meal with healthy carbohydrates and energy boosting B vitamins. In addition, the protein-rich salmon and added carbs will help you stay satisfied for longer and prevent late night snacking.

4. Egg White, Feta and Tomato Omelet

A Greek inspired dish, this meal can be whipped up within a matter of minutes and offers a great protein-carb combo, making it ideal for muscle growth. Feta cheese is a fatty acid and antioxidant which has been linked with promoting adominal fat loss. Serve with two slices of brown toast for an extra fiber boost.

5. Beef And Squash With Marinara

Cook up eight ounces of lean grass-fed beef whilst adding some salt and pepper to improve taste. Then, cook one whole butternut squash for around 45 minutes until soft. Mix both into a large pan before chucking in your favorite marinara sauce.

This meal helps replenish explosive energy stores, which is perfect if you?re currently training harder and heavier than you usually do. In addition, the starchy squash takes longer for the body to digest and delays the onset of hunger.

6. Tuna And Crackers

Open up a tin of tuna and add half a cup of crushed crackers. For some added flavor, mix in pepper, mustard, chopped pickles and a dash of extra virgin olive oil.

This meal is another very flexible dish which can be made on the move or if you?re pushed for time. Plus, it?s simple and cost effective. The crackers give you extra carbs which spike your insulin levels and forces much-needed nutrients into your muscles.

7. Chicken Sat? Wraps

Don?t be afraid of peanut butter ? you should be using it as your secret post-workout weapon. We?ve already mentioned in previous articles of peanut butter?s incredible health benefits, so give it a try already!

Because of its fat content, stick to around a teaspoon of peanut butter, which contains about 100 calories and seven grams of healthy saturated fat. Add this into a flour tortilla with chicken and vegetables for an easy high-protein meal.


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