9 Simple Steps that could Banish Your Back Pain

Studies suggest that most people choose to rely on over-the-counter pills and easy to obtain medication when it comes to counteracting the pain they feel throughout their backs. This pain can be a result of a strenuous workout, or you may simply suffer because you spend too much time sitting behind your desk.

Either way, research has proven that taking excessive paracetamol is comparable to dosing yourself full of placebos that have the added risk of causing liver damage over time. If you’re suffering with back-related issues, then it may be time to put down the pills and start pushing yourself towards a stronger skeleton with a combination of the right techniques.

9 Steps to Banish your Back Pain

1. Go to the Pub

Step one, go to your local bar, pub, or anywhere that sells beer, and get yourself a drink or two. According to scientists, helping yourself to a couple of beers every day is actually better for the health of your bones than staying away from the beverages altogether. Beers rich in barley are generally a better option than spirits or wine, as they provide a useful silicon hit when it comes to strengthening your skeleton. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. After all, you still have to live your life every day without being completely drunk.

Most people do not have time to go to the bar every day, well, that is fine since you can have beverages such as this in your home. And for strengthening your skeleton, no worries about drinking too much, you will never have a skeleton as strong as Wolverine?s anyhow.

2. Enjoy a Light Steam

Take thirty minutes out of your busy week to relax inside your local sauna, and you’ll find that the steam will help to improve the levels of human growth hormone in your system. Sweating it out in the sauna can increase your HGH levels by as much as 142%, while delivering extra blood towards your skeletal system for better over-all health.

3. Jump Around

Take a page out of “House of Pain’s” book and add a bit of playground simplicity to your fitness regime by simply jumping up and down. Conducting a few free-standing jumps every day is better for enhancing bone density than regular running according to the American journal of Health. As few as twenty jumps a day can be enough to prompt a serious improvement.

But yes, you and I both are real tired of hearing that song at sporting events. There better and more recent songs out there everyone!

4. Know when to Say No

You don’t have to help your friend every time they want some heavy equipment or boxes moving just to show how much of a strong man you can be. Declining a request to lug around junk can be a smart option, as if you go around lifting things that your body simply can’t cope with, you’re going to end up doing some serious damage to your muscles, and your spine. If you must lift heavy objects then remember to keep the items above knee height and close to your body.

5. Stay Away from the Soft Drinks

You don’t have to drink alcohol to be healthy, but it is a prudent idea to stay away from the soft drinks as much as possible. Fizzy drinks are responsible for more than simply pumping your body full of sugar. Regularly drinking coca cola has been shown to correlate with a 4% drop in bone density according to Tufts University, because of the combination of phosphoric acid and caffeine in the ingredients.

6. Chew on Bones

After you’ve enjoyed a delicious roast chicken for dinner, boil the carcass to make some broth for future stews. Sounds brutal, but bone broth is actually a rich source of various minerals that help in building denser bones and reducing the ache of inflammation.

7. Get More Vitamin K

When it comes to promoting skeletal health, a lot of people seem to forget about the hero that is vitamin K. According to reports published by nutrition journals in America, this special vitamin supports the function of bone building cells in your body known as osteroclasts. To get more K in your diet, either purchase some supplements from your local health store, or start eating more leafy greens.

8. Better Balance

Sports that focus specifically on balance have a number of benefits. The first of which is that they help to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. If you have an opportunity to take the board down to the beach, then try braving the waves on warmer days. On the other hand, you could try skateboarding to the office, or hitting the ice ring for a romantic date.

9. Cut out the Cigarettes

The more cigarettes you smoke, the more you start to inhibit your update of vitamin D, which is a serious problem when it comes to absorbing calcium. This leads to an increase in your risk of fractures, although you can start to repair your bones as soon as a year after taking a break from the nicotine fix you used to have.

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