The Biggest Dating Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Bad Dating Habits to Stop ASAP

No matter what you’re looking for in the relationship department, if you’re not finding it you might need to take a look at your own dating habits. Odds are that there are some ideal babes around but you just need to make sure that you’re not accidentally pushing them away. Here are some common .

Being Picky Instead of Selective

Look we all have things that we expect or hope a significant other to be, but there is a big difference between reasonably selective and downright picky. Picky is like refusing to date blondes while selective is knowing that you need a girl who’s smart and funny. If you’re being overly picky you’re accomplishing nothing besides shutting out a lot of potentially awesome girls. Would you want a girl to deny you solely based on your height?

Not Being Bold Enough

You’re the man here, if you’re going to ask a girl out just ask her out. Skip over all this wishy washy casual hang out stuff that you put into play in an effort avoid getting rejected and just put yourself out there. Worst case she says no and you can move onto the next person asap without having to waste any time or money. It’s just efficient really.

Acting Uninterested

For the most part, if you give her reason to think that you’re not interested she’s going to go with that. So if you are interested, watch what you’re doing. Leave the phone in your pocket when you’re on a date otherwise you explicitly send the message that there is something more important than her you need to tend to. It doesn’t make you look cool and in demand to be lighting up every three minutes, it makes you look too busy for the date.

Drinking Too Much

Getting drinks on a first date is pretty standard (and sometimes totally necessary) but it shouldn’t be the main event. Leave that for Friday night withe boys. The drinks should be secondary or even further down the line from the real reason you’re there…the girl. Pace yourself and avoid getting to the slurry stage which isn’t attractive on anyone.

Not Paying Attention to Physical Cues

When you’re paying attention it’s generally pretty easy to tell if there’s attraction between you. If you’re feeling it, and you think she might be too, kiss the darn girl. But if you don’t, by all means don’t try to strong arm her into anything. Just keep it moving.

If you’re unsure you can always pull her in for a hug and gauge her body language. If she keeps her hips pulled back and her head tucked away, she might not be sure. But if she accepts your embrace and turns her face upwards towards yours then she’s most likely giving you the green light. The payout is worth the risk.


Simple Trick Tells You if a Girl Wants You to Kiss Her

Do girls leave you confused as to whether or not they like you?

Let's face it. Girl's don't make it easy for you. She will often send mixed signals leaving you unable to tell if she is being friendly or flirty. If you read her signals wrong you risk rejection and embarrassment. Or worse, you blow it with a girl who wanted to kiss you.

Here is a simple and innocent move that will instantly tell you if you're in the friend zone, or if she's waiting for you to kiss her.

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