When she thinks you’re boring

The signs she thinks you are a boring conversationalist should be obvious.

How to Avoid Appearing Boring in Conversation

You call yourself introverted, she calls you boring. These tips will help you identify why women think you are dull, and how you can present your best self.

The signs she is bored

Even the most polite among us still struggle to conceal boredom. Picking up that the woman you are talking to is bored is a simple matter, but self-obsessed types are prone not to notice. Body language should be your first clue. Someone who is not engaged with the conversation will turn their body or feet away from you, appear uncomfortable with crossed arms or legs, and will look around the room as if to seek out a more interesting person to talk to. Verbal signals include asking questions that show she was not paying attention, such as questions that do not quite fit with the story or that you have already explained. She will contribute nothing to the conversation, because she does not particularly want to talk to you. At this stage you have blown it, but at least you can learn something for next time.

There are some topics of conversation that universally expose you as a boring person. Learn what these are, and change your behavior accordingly.

Materialistic and overcompensating

Having a sleek car is a plus when it comes to dating. However, let your vehicle speak for itself. Going on and on about your car is a turn-off as it seems you are overcompensating for lack of something else. She would love to be picked up in your sports car, but she does not want to hear about what brand cleaning products you use on it.

You can come across as materialistic and dull even if you have a humble car (or no car at all), by talking too much about the car you want to own. She wants to get to know you beyond what color your future car is going to be.

Cars and motorcycles are the typical examples of items men boast about, but you can also show yourself to be too materialistic by talking too much about the brands you wear, the stocks you trade, or your cutting-edge phone.

A closed mind

Being dismissive of new ideas shows that you are a closed-minded person who is happy to exist in your comfort zone. This especially becomes a problem when discussing political topics. If you shut down every conversation which is possibly contentious, she is going to think you are a very dull person.

Dividing your attention

Not being fully present in the moment causes others to think you are a boring person. Too much attachment to your phone is likely to be the culprit behind this one. Playing with your phone while you have company is rude, particularly if you are using it to be social online. Being too obsessed with keeping up your social media appearance by constantly taking photos of what you are doing also makes you a bore in real life.

An undeveloped character

She asks you to tell her about yourself and all you talk about is your job. You have no hobbies or interests, and a stingy social life. No wonder she finds you boring. Fixing this goes beyond conversational skills, and requires you to work on yourself.



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