5 Tips Guaranteed to Help You Run Faster

Speed, it’s something the human race has been fascinated and intrigued by for much of time. Compared to others within the animal kingdom, we’re not that fast, but give us the tools to build cars, bikes, jets, and rockets, and we’ll go faster than our bodies will permit. Running is no different, we could go walking, or a light jog, but we know deep in our hearts that we really want to be going faster, to be passing others, to beat our old bests and to see the world as a blur.

That need for speed isn’t a bad thing either. Getting the blood pumping faster is great for the body and the mind, high-intensity exercise is also associated with brain development, so it might make you smarter. So how can you push yourself further? What techniques are there for going faster than before? Huffington Post has a new article up that gives us 5 great tips for doing just this, including?how to fight cramps:

4. Don’t fight the pain, outsmart it
Remember your old high school sports coach yelling at you to run through your cramp like a real man? He didn’t know this trick. When you get that nasty cramp in your side, don’t panic, stop, and give up, and certainly don’t try to fight through it to prove your manhood. Instead, inhale deeply when your foot on the same side of the cramp strikes the ground. Then (this is the key), exhale when the foot on the opposite side of the cramp strikes the ground. It doesn’t have to be the next step, just breathe naturally and find the rhythm of the two. Remember, same side, inhale; opposite side, exhale. Repeat a few times and you should feel the cramp start to fade away.

Cramping is definitely a killer of speed, so keep that in check if you want to go beating previous times. Among other tips there’s the technique of breathing properly, using apps to track your performance, and the beauty of the right music. Check out the rest of the article for more details.


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