The Devastating Benefits Of Weight Lifting Chains

Benefits Of Weight Lifting Chains

In general, most gyms have similar equipment and not a great deal in terms of variation. Obviously, you may get more depending on your membership and size of gym you go to, but the layout is usually cardiovascular equipment, machine resistance and a free weight section.

What often separates a great gym from a good one is the kit you sometimes overlook. A prime example of this is weight lifting chains. This heavy duty equipment can be added to a number exercises, including chest bench press. They really are an amazing piece of kit which the average gym doesn?t normally provide.

So why are they so special? Over at Fitness Beans, they go into detail explaining its benefits:

Benefits Of Weight Lifting Chains

First and foremost,?weight lifting chains allow you to zone in and add resistance to certain parts of an exercise.

Previous research has revealed that the strongest portion of any lift is that of the final, top third. If we use the chest bench press as an example, this would constitute the highest part of the movement as your arms reach full extension.

Simply by adding chains you can enhance the resistance during this final third whilst not interfering with the rest of the movement.

Weight lifting chains also have to ability to enhance explosiveness of any given lift. Once again, using the example of a chest bench press, the initial press is lighter allowing you to enhance speed which carries through during that last final third.

Sounds good, right? If you are lucky enough to have weight lifting chains in your gym, then make sure to make the most of them. For those less unfortunate, it could be worth writing on a suggestion card as soon as possible.



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