Here’s a Great Reason to Be the Funniest Guy in the Room

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How Being Funny is Going to Get You More Sex

Being funny can be a great tactic for landing girls to begin with, but it also might be a great way to keep them coming back for more. A recent study found that funny men are considered better in bed and actually give their ladies more orgasms than the less amusing types.

Researchers used participants at the University of Albany to test out these correlations. All of the participants were in?committed heterosexual relationships and were asked specific questions about these relationships, such as what they thought about their partner’s looks and personality traits and of course their sex life.

The correlation between a man’s humor and how much his lady liked getting down with him was so high, that the researchers could make accurate predictions about their sex lives. Girls with funny dudes initiated sex more often, which might have something to do with the high average of orgasms they were experiencing.

The researchers went on to say:

“Those in relationships with more humorous partners reported he was more popular, intelligent, a better leader and more creative. Participants with humorous partners reported initiating sex more often, and having more frequent intercourse in general. They also reported feeling more protected and committed to their partner.”

Women are drawn to humor for a variety of reasons, but one being that funny people are generally pretty confident and intelligent. Intelligence is appealing for obvious reasons, inlcluding out biological desire to link up with someone who can can take of care and give us children who have a higher rate of survival in the world. It’s just science.

Humor is also a form of expression and it is generally a pretty present one. What girl doesn’t like to feel like they’re with the center of attention at the party?

Humor can also break the ice and keep the mood lifted in any situation, and goodness knows we need that. Negative downer guys are never a turn on, and we deal with enough of our own fluctuating emotions?on the regular that we don’t want to have to take care of someone else’e moodiness as well.

So…can you become more funny if you don’t feel like humor is your strong suit? Well maybe not. But what you can do is try to relax in social situations and make light of the absurdities instead of letting them stress you out. Listening well is a huge factor because you might be more apt to pick up on subtle funny nuances around you that other people didn’t happen to notice.

That being said forced humor is a real turn off to the ladies, so be sure and pay attention to the responses you get when you use your most entertaining pick up line out there. You can always tell the difference between legitimate laughter and the canned variety if you’re being honest with yourself.

If you happen to be naturally funny then congratulations, own it.

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