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Why You Should Change Your Workout Order, Not Your Workout


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Changing Workout Routine

If you do the same resistance training routine for months and months on end, eventually your body is going to become accustomed the exercises, diminishing your potential for muscular gains.

In order to make sure you continue to progress, it’s vitally important that you switch up your workout on a consistent basis. This will keep your muscles guessing and force them into further development. It’s also the reason many fitness experts advise changing your training routine every six to eight weeks.

Of course the main problem with this is that you eventually start to run out of ideas. When changing your workout regime, many people seem to forget that simply mixing up the order of exercises is a very effective method of prolonging muscle hypertrophy. Over at Fitness Beans, they take a closer look:

Exercise Order

If you break down your training sessions into muscle groups, then on a typical chest session you may commence with inclined bench press, before moving onto flat and declined bench press, before finally finishing on dumbbell fly. To alter this regime and send your pectoral muscles into a state of shock and panic, simply reverse the exercise order. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Muscle Order

This alternative is available to those of you that train multiple muscle groups within a single training session. If, for example, you usually train your chest with four exercises followed by your triceps for a further four exercises, then simply commence with your triceps regime and finish with your chest exercises. Depending on how you group your training sessions, this method is likely to shock your system more than ever!

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with completely changing exercises, but when you’re doing this year after year, sometimes you can find yourself running out of ideas. The bottom line is if you can keep your muscles guessing with different training routines, then you will continue to accomplish your fitness goals.


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