The Quickest Way To Become More Attractive


There are a million ways to become more attractive.

If there weren?t, we?d all be out of a job.

Working out, exercising, dressing and grooming well, learning how to flirt, learning seduction techniques, putting in more effort in the bedroom, being ambitious and finding a passion in your life are all ways to become more attractive.

They?re the things you work on every day of your life and the things we love to discuss and give tips on here at TSB.

But even if you do all of that, it might not be enough, because you might be missing one essential ingredient.

It?s one simple thing that will make you instantly more attractive, and will double the effect of everything else you’re already doing

You need to acknowledge that you are attractive.

Yes I?m talking about confidence. Yes I?m talking about self-esteem. But specifically, you need to acknowledge that you are attractive to women. That inherently, just based on who you are, there are?hundreds of reasons why women find you attractive.

All those other attraction ingredients help, they really, really do. But think of acknowledging your own attraction as the glue that holds everything together.

You can?t just fake it. You need to feel it.


If you don?t sincerely believe that you?re attractive, how can you expect anyone else to?

Sincere mindsets create an aura of truth. If you believe truly something right to your core, you don?t find yourself having to remember cheesy lines or remind yourself to stay cool when talking to a girl.

It will naturally raise your standards. No longer will you be the one who feels he?s always trying to ?trick? women into wanting him- feeling the need to constantly solicit as a form of validation.

You?ll know that you?re worthy and that will make you chased and not the chaser, or at the very least, confident enough to approach any woman.

It will make you unafraid to lose, because you know that there will always be somebody else for you.

Think of attraction like a car. They way you dress, the way you groom, your physical appearance, that?s the styling of the car.

How to flirt and seduce are like a really good exhaust note. Your passion and ambition- suspension and tires.

But your confidence? That?s the engine.

And if you don?t have an engine, it doesn?t matter if you have a Ferrari body.

On the other hand, even an old station wagon can win races if it?s got a giant V8 engine under the hood.

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