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First date red flags

Be alert for red flags on your first date.

Be alert for red flags on your first date.

Keep an Eye Out For These Giant Red Flags

A ‘red flag’ refers to a behavior or statement which indicates that there will be problems later on. A first date is a time to be on one’s best behavior, so if she exhibits a red flag, you know it will only be downhill from here. Watch out for these indicators that she is not a catch.

Too much TV talk

She has many interesting things to say, but none of them are about herself. Instead of telling you about her own life, she informs you of the wonders of the Kardashian family. Too much talking about television or movies indicates that she spends far too much time vegging out. She is the type that has few interests of her own. You can bet that once she gets you into a relationship, you will replace Kim Kardashian as the centre of her universe. She is probably a clinger. Steer the conversation towards asking about her hobbies and interests, to gauge if she has much going on beyond the screen.

Love at first sight

She’s acting like she is in love with you, but it is only the first date. Don’t get caught up in her euphoria. Sure, there is a slim chance that she feels a deep connection with you, but chances are she acts like this with every guy she dates. She likely has incredibly low self-esteem and is overjoyed to have a guy express an interest in her. It is also possible that she is acting enamoured with you because she wants to use you- if you met her online, you should seriously entertain the possibility that she is running a scam.

Too many wines

Downing endless glasses of wine at dinner shows a lack of class and may indicate she has a problem. Mistakes do happen and it could be that she is handling her first-date nerves in completely the wrong way, or that she is having so much fun that she just lost track of her alcohol intake. If you give her a second chance after she gets too drunk on your first date, watch her very closely next time to gauge if it is a pattern of behavior.

Naming your future children

Communicating expectations is important. You have to respect her assertiveness if she lays down her cards and says she is looking to settle down. She should leave it at that and say nothing more on the topic as you get to know each other. If she goes on and on about how many children she wants, when she wants to get married, what kind of house she wants to raise her family in and so on, you should run. The younger she is, the more alarming it is that she sees settling down as a matter of urgency.

Not offering to pay: is this a red flag?

For some, not offering to pay is an instant deal breaker. You may be wondering if not offering to pay should consist of a red flag. I think you should let it slide on the first date. The first date charade of both parties insisting that they pay is just awkward, and you cannot blame her for wanting to avoid it. Many women also expect the man to pay on the first date. However, it is a problem once you get to two or three dates in and she has not brought out her wallet.

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