10 Simple Ways To Eat Less Sugar


How to eat less sugar

How To Eat Less Sugar

We all know by now that sugar is bad for our health, with excessive consumption increasing the risk of heart disease, obesity and a host of other health problems. If you’re looking to cut back, knowing where to start can be tough. That’s why we bring to you 10 simple techniques that can help you eat less sugar:

1. Change Your Morning Coffee

hot coffee near fireplace

Those two sugars you put in your tea every morning can add up very quickly. Try reducing the amount of sugar you use by a little bit each week. Also, why not introduce cinnamon into your routine – its spice fits perfectly with a cup of coffee and is, more importantly, sugar free.

2. Pick Low Sugar Produce

Sweet Blackberry berry closeup view background

Pick fruits and vegetables with the lowest sugar loads like blackberries, raspberries, lemons and limes. Virtually all veggies are low in sugar. To compare, a cup of raspberries contains five grams of sugar whilst a cup of black beans contains less than one gram of sugar. Keep in mind though, that low sugar intake does not necessarily mean low carbohydrate.

3. Find A New Favorite Condiment

Portion of ketchup isolated on a white background.

For some of us, ketchup is a miracle flavor, but one of the reasons we love it so much is because of its high sugar levels. The truth is when you pour it all over your fries, you’re basically covering them in packets of sugar. Try and pick condiments with less sugar in them like mustard or vinegar.

4. Fill Up On Healthy Fats

Eat more salmon, seeds and nuts. Not only are these foods heart healthy and help control blood sugar levels, healthy fats will also remove excess sugar from your diet and keep you feeling satisfied for longer. This means you’ll be less likely to have energy dips between meals.

5. Make Your Own Salad Dressing

Delicious salad dressing in a nice platter

Just like ketchup, many salad dressings are bursting with sugar. Making your own is incredibly easy and cheap, and will help control the amount of sugar you’re ingesting.

6. Eat Less Packaged Food

Fish and Rice Frozen Entree


Foods in their whole form are best avoided when trying to lower your sugar intake. According to research done by the New York Times, 75% of foods currently in the USA contain added sugar, so you can restrict your intake of sugar by keeping these to a minimum.

7. Go For Grapes, Not Raisins


If given the choice, choose fresh over dried fruit. Dried fruit does boast many of the same health benefits as fresh, but removing a food’s water content concentrates the levels of sugar and calories per serving. For example, a cup of grapes has around 60 calories whilst a cup of raisins contains almost 500 calories.

8. Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein superfood dietEating more protein will help your body feel satisfied for longer. This is because it takes longer to digest so you’re unlikely to crash if you’re eating quality protein every three to four hours.

9. Clean Out The Cupboards


If you already have tempting food stocked in the kitchen, you might need to do a cupboard detox. Go out for that tub of ice cream instead of keeping it stored in the house.

10. Set Boundaries On Your Sweet Tooth

Set limits on how much sweet stuff you can enjoy – for example – having one chocolate bar a week. This will increase your enjoyment when you do indulge and can stop you from reaching in the office cookie jar out of habit.

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