What’s Killing Your Inner Game?


Inner game is massively important.

Flirting and seduction techniques are all well and good as tools, but inner game and self confidence make up the skills to use them.

It?s why a lot of guys, who have never read articles like these, have no problem approaching and getting with any woman they feel attracted to.

They get by on the sheer knowledge that they’re?attractive and that?s enough.

So what?s getting in the way of you doing the same? What is it that’s tearing away at your own inner game and causing you to be instantly rejected, even though you have the best lines, the best clothes and work out like crazy?

It?s fear. But, more accurately…

It?s stress.

When we feel stress, we tend to perform poorly at most tasks, and attraction and seduction is no different.

Stress can cause you to be overly anxious (appearing the opposite of confident), cause you to have dry mouth or be tongue tied (making you speak unnaturally) and even make you lose your sense of humor?(women are naturally attracted to guys who can make them laugh and smile).

Those guys who are picking up girls effortlessly, I can promise you, are not feeling stressed. They?re in the zone, performing in an almost thoughtless manner. It?s all coming to them naturally and that?s why they succeed where you fail.

By now you might be thinking to yourself that all this seems like one big vicious circle.

You need to be relaxed to get into the zone, but if you?re not in the zone, you won?t be relaxed.

You need to break the cycle, but the good news is that it?s so much easier than you think.

Why you?re feeling so much stress when trying to flirt with a girl, is because you?ve been building up the idea in your mind.

You?ve been overthinking it.

Overthinking is basically the opposite of appearing natural and comfortable, and thus, confident.

If you?re about to approach a girl in a social setting, the longer you wait and think about what to say, the more you?ll start to worry and panic, because you?ll be thinking about the ten million things that could go wrong.

Instead, you need to just go for it. Act on your gut and start talking.

Even if you?ve texted a girl, and you spend what seems like forever (five minutes) wondering why she hasn?t texted you back, you?re going to lose your mind, and then next text you send just won’t come off as cool, calm or confident.

It?s the same with taking a test, playing a sport or video game, giving a musical or comedy performance or hell, ripping off a bandaid.

The longer you build up an idea in your mind, the more it?s going to stress you out.

Inversely, think of how easy things come to you when you?re not even thinking about them.

And that?s the key. Remember, flirting, meeting new girls, hooking up and having relationships are all suppose to be fun, so don?t spend so much time worrying about them? and?then you won?t have anything to worry about.

There is also the option of playing the long game. Here’s how:?https://www.tsbmag.com/2015/08/12/3-rules-to-playing-the-long-game/

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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