14 Tips To Make Getting Shredded Easier

How To Get Shredded Quickly

Unfortunately, there isn?t a quick-fix way to getting a rock hard body ? if there was then heck, all of us would have six-packs!

Getting shredded is hard, time consuming and demands an unwavering amount of discipline. As easy as the models and athletes make it look in magazines: it couldn?t be further from the truth.

However, there are certain things you can do in order to make sure you?re not undercutting your efforts for a chiselled body. Over at Men?s Fitness, they lean on some expert advice from professional bodybuilder Colette Nelson, who reveals his dos and don?ts for sculpting a ripped physique:

Track Your Food Intake

First, a bit of a surprise: You don?t necessarily need to put in more gym time. ?Working out is really only 15 percent of the equation,? says Nelson.

Instead, you?ll be spending more time at the grocery store and in the kitchen. ?The diet is 85 percent.? Miller suggests tracking what you eat to start with, so you can then look at how to tinker with it.

Focus On Fiber

Major chiseling means seriously changing up your carb intake. Nelson recommends focusing on fiber-full legumes, vegetables, and berries, especially on the days you?re not working out.

?Many studies have found that people experience increased satiety, lower insulin levels, and greater weight-loss success on a low-carb/high-fiber dieting approach.?

Don?t Skip Carbs Entirely

No carbs at all means no ready energy. Therefore, increase carbs slightly on hard workout days. ?The less impactful carbs that are found in sweet potatoes may be eaten one to two per week and post-workout,? Nelson says. Limit it to a small portion, though, such as half a sweet potato or a half-cup of quinoa.

To make getting shredded easier you need to pay close attention to your diet, as well as incorporating heavy lifting and smart cardio into your training routine. That, in a nutshell, is what’s required in order to succeed.

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