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These Amazing Foods could be the Key to a Longer Life

Although we might not have discovered the secret to eternal life yet, science, nutrition, and other less likely sources have made a few interesting discoveries that could help you to live longer. Before you start drawing up your will, consider the fact that you could potentially eat your way to a longer-lasting youth. In other words, there are some foods out there that could actually increase your lifespan!

No McDonald?s is not on this list!

These super-foods, generally well known for their amazing anti-aging properties, are brimming with specific vitamins and/or chemicals that enhance our ability to fight back against some of the most prevalent and life-threatening diseases on the planet.


1. Avocados

You might not know this, but avocados are absolutely chock-full of fiber, and contain even more potassium than your average banana. Not only are they useful for making your skin soft and touchable, avocados are also a formidable tool against issues of heart disease, high blood pressure, and even certain types of cancer. For the best experience, remove the skin and eat them raw, or mash them up with lime juice, peppers, and tomatoes for a delicious guacamole.

2. Apples

There’s a reason why eating an apple a day “keeps the doctor away”. These delicious fruits are full of numerous antioxidants including quercetin, and are also packed with the salient soluble fiber known as pectin. Quercetin is like an internal superhero when it comes fighting against cancer and blood clots, whereas pectin assists in removing toxins and lowering levels of blood cholesterol. Eat them raw and with the peel intact ? the skin is what contains all that healthy quercetin.

3. Eggs

How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with the ability to give me a longer lifespan. Rich in protein, choline, and the carotenoids zeazanthin and lutein, eggs help to give your memory a boost in old age, while preventing issues like cataracts. One of the best things about eggs is that they’re so easy to eat, and there are wide ranges of possible meals you can choose from. Soft-boil, hard-boil, poach, or scramble ? just go easy on the butter.

4. Garlic

Not just good for keeping away the vampires, garlic is also a fantastic source of those wonderful antioxidants we’re always talking about. Garlic can act as an anti-coagulant within your blood, reducing the risk that you will suffer from a stroke. Generally, the benefits of garlic are best experienced if it’s eaten raw, such as when it’s added to a salad dressing or minced in with your spaghetti.

5. Walnuts

Around a handful of walnuts provides as much fatty acid as three ounces of salmon. Not only does omega-3 fatty acid pack a serious punch when it comes to fighting back against heart disease and dissolving blood clots, it’s also incredible for preventing depression and arthritis. Eat them straight out of their shell or sprinkle them over a stir fry for a more interesting dish.

6. Red Wine

Now you have the perfect excuse to drink that extra glass of red wine with dinner. Red grapes are packed full of a polyphenol known as “resveratrol”, as well as a number of powerful antioxidants. The catechins (antioxidants) work by destroying free radicals in your body, thereby preventing issues such as cancer.

On the other hand, recent studies have suggested that resveratrol can be effective at lowering your cholesterol levels, while reducing the speed at which certain cancers and melanomas grow. One or two glasses of wine is the best way to go, but try not to go over the top. Taking your drinking habits too far is the best way to ensure that you reverse all of those positive effects. And you certainly do not want a DUI!

7. Spinach

Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables out there. It’s got just as many antioxidants as garlic, and is also a prolific way to get your hands on a little extra vitamin A and C. Spinach is also packed full of folic acid too! This vegetable is fantastic at fighting against mental disorders and heart disease, and is best served steamed or uncooked. You can even have spinach on your Subway sandwich!

So there you go ? you don’t need a fountain of youth to ensure that you can live a longer life ? all you need to do is learn how to eat right with healthy foods and snacks.


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