Alternatives to the man bag

A dislike of the traditional does not mean you are doomed to only store stuff in your pockets.

Stylish Ways to Hold Your Prized Possessions

Man bags have been mainstream for about twenty years, but are still heavily disliked by many. Despite the name harking back to women?s hand bags, s barely resemble their feminine counterparts. Man bags tend to be messenger bags slung across the body, rather than handing off the shoulder as is common for women?s styles. Not every guy is convinced on this point and you may think the messenger-style is not masculine enough. It is fine if the is not for you, but you need to find a suitable alternative. There is nothing stylish about carrying your personal effects in a plastic bag. These are some options to consider instead of the .

Duffle bag

Duffle bags are essentially a cylinder of material giving a single main compartment, usually with two short handles so it must be carried similarly to a briefcase. ?Duffel bags are fairly casual, with the material it is constructed from making all the difference to how the bag should be styled. Gym bags are often of the duffel style, and you may want to use a sports branded duffel bag for a casual, hip-hop inspired look. A canvas duffle bag is the standard, and is appropriate for generic casual use. To up the style stakes, get a faux leather duffel bag in a classic color such as black or dark brown. Even some pleather detailing on a canvas bag completely changes the look, injecting your style with attitude.


Look important by carrying your possessions in a briefcase. There are many styles of briefcase available and you will not necessarily look like you are in middle management if you choose the right design. To make your wearing of the briefcase stylish, here is your rule of thumb: you can either have a professional looking briefcase with a sleek, casual outfit, or a quirky briefcase with a more conservative outfit. Professional briefcase and professional clothes makes you look like you are on your way to the office, which is not the desired effect on the weekend. An interesting briefcase combined with a unique outfit is just too over the top. If you decide to go the route of a quirky briefcase, your best bet is to scour op shops and vintage stores for something with character.


You may not have worn a backpack since you were in school. Rest assured, they have come a long way since then. Go for a small backpack to hold your essentials; an oversize backpack looks functional rather than fashionable. Keep an eye out for quietly cool brands such as Herschel Supply Co, whose backpacks have the unique reputation of being reliable with street cred. When choosing a backpack, it is best to choose a solid color and avoid patterns. A spotted backpack, while an eye-catching choice, will have you looking like a teenage girl. If you want to avoid boring earthy tones, consider getting a denim backpack.

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