Learn How to Detox without the Restrictive Diet

Now is just as good of a time as any to reclaim your health and aim for a better body. We all have our battles with terrible habits, whether is constantly indulging in an extra-large cup of coffee, scoffing down another slice of pizza, or having an extra pint of beer during happy hour, the result ends up the same: you feel crappy afterwards. Fortunately, it is possible to detox your system and get back on track without affecting your fitness goals?and there’s no need to do an extreme diet to attain these results either.

No, you do not have to become a vegan!

Detoxing is about dedication and discipline?but the outcome is worth the hassle. Most detoxing pros swear that it’s capable of improving the appearance of your skin, boosting your mental clarity, and even giving you more energy throughout the day. You might even find that the more you detox, the more weight you lose without the pain and stress. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you detox in the simplest, healthiest ways possible.

1. Fill Up with Fiber

It’s not something that most of us like to talk about ? especially when we have feminine company around (including our mother!) ? but what goes in must unfortunately come out. Sometimes, the body can struggle more than it should when it comes to getting rid of waste that has started to build up within the intestines. This has prompted the Mayo Clinic and other health experts to up their opinion on the amount of fiber you should consume every day. According to the professionals, men over the age of fifty should aim for a minimum of about 31 grams a day, and men under fifty should receive around 38 grams a day.

Fiber isn’t just a fantastic source for flushing out your system ? it also helps you to prevent heart disease, colorectal cancer, and adult diabetes. Try to be sure that you increase your intake regularly so that you can make the adjustment without any serious discomfort.

2. Eat Less Dairy

A pretty large portion of the population today suffer from lactose intolerance, and they don’t even realize it. Though not everyone struggles with digesting dairy, those who do will find it causes a lot of problems for their body.

Not only can dairy create seriously uncomfortable bathroom situations, it can also negate your detoxing effects, slowing down liver function through built up mucus. For some people, simply cutting dairy out of their diet will be enough to change their lives. If you’re not sure whether it will work for you, try taking a short vacation from certain foods and see how you feel once they’ve been out of your system for a day or two.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Drinking alcohol too often can jeopardize your attempts at a successful detox. Simply eliminating the unnecessary strain that alcohol puts on your liver can be enough to give it the strength and energy it needs to process other toxins your body needs to eliminate.

What’s more, too much caffeine can also cause liver troubles, and ingredients in coffee can interfere with the normal metabolism of drugs and detoxification in the liver, making regulating the system difficult. If you can’t cope with the concept of giving up your morning beverage, try pressing the button for caffeine-light options instead.

4. Drink more H2O

Drinking water is perhaps the most important part of any detox scheme. H2O is fantastic for our bodies in a number of different ways, and yet during a detox most of us have no idea just how much we should be getting. According to healthcare professionals and detox experts, you should be drinking about 64 ounces of water every day at a minimum.

This regular amount will help to support your bowels, kidneys, and cells, leaving you feeling better and brighter. Try starting your day by squeezing some lemon into a huge glass of water ? the vitamin C from the lemon will increase glutathione (a compound for detoxification) levels in your liver, and help to protect it against damage.

5. Hit the Gym! (Or the Yoga Mat)


Obtaining regular exercise will always be an important part of achieving a healthy body. Many toxins are actually stored in the fat tissue of our body, and therapeutic heat can increase the metabolic break down of fat tissue, releasing fat-stored toxins so that they might be quickly and effectively excreted in sweat. What’s more, yoga can help with the lymphatic flow, and helps to stimulate peristalsis in your bowels.

There is nothing wrong with playing some basketball either!


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