9 Late-Night Mistakes Disrupting Your Sleep

We have a lot of things to entertain us these days, and who doesn’t like to be entertained??Through a multitude of screens, we have movies, TV series, games, books, magazines, websites and who knows what else. We need this relief, too, as without it we’ll likely suffer from a mind full of thoughts about work.

All this mental stimulation is fine for a time, but when it comes to getting into bed and drifting off to sleep, it’s your worst enemy. It might not seems bad at the time, but sitting in bed and watching Netflix or checking your phone or, even, reading certain books, is having a bad effect on your sleep.

An article from Huffington Post details 9 mistakes we make in the precious hours before bed, highlighting just how temperamental this period is:

2.You’re checking your work email.?

Once you’re finally home from work and preparing to unwind, the last thing you should do is?reach for your smartphone?to check and see if your boss sent you an urgent, “REPLY ASAP” email. If it’s really that urgent, they’ll call. Otherwise, take a deep breath and meditate on the fact that any residual work from today can, in fact, wait until tomorrow. The evening is time set aside for you.

A recent study?found that even push notifications?are just as distracting as actively seeking out your messages, so go ahead and silence your phone, too, so you can focus on your down time.

Turing off all your devices is a great place to start, but it won’t fix everything. Check out the full post for all of the tips for getting a better night sleep.

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