A man’s guide to rose gold

Rose gold is a stylish and unique choice for men’s jewellery.

Can a man wear rose gold?

Rose gold has all the luxury of yellow gold, but without the show-off connotations. As rose gold increases in popularity, you may be wondering how to shop for and style rose gold. You may even be wondering if rose gold is appropriate for guys. This article will make you feel like an expert on rose gold in minutes.

What is rose gold?

A quick lesson on gold: most gold jewellery is not pure gold. The purity of gold is measured in karats, with 24-karat gold being the maximum value. A karat corresponds to approximately 4% of the total mass being pure gold. Realistically, you would not want your jewellery to be 24-karat as the metal is quite soft. High karat golds are easily damaged. More robust gold jewellery is a combination of gold and another metal. Rose gold is gold mixed with copper and a small amount of silver, with the red hue of the final product coming from copper. Rose gold is a maximum of 22 karats, though it is more usual for rose gold jewellery to be 18-karat or less.

Rose gold has become more popular in recent years, as it is a point of difference from regular yellow gold. Yellow gold is regarded by some as too flashy, whereas rose gold is an understated yet unique look.

Watch your rose gold

Because of its rather feminine name, you may think rose gold is for the ladies. However, rose gold can be used in quite masculine ways. If you want to avoid any hint of pink, choose an alloy with a large proportion of copper for a red tone. The best way for a man to wear rose gold is as a chunky watch.

Some of the best rose gold watches for men actually feature very little gold. For an subtle look dripping with style, invest in a watch with a black or brown leather band, with rose gold around the face. The less detail on your watch, the more stylish it is. Go for simple styles without too many knobs and dials. For extra appeal, style your watch with a chunky rose gold bangle or chain bracelet.

For a flashier look, you can obtain bracelet style watches in rose gold. These can be stylish, particularly if you want to accentuate muscly arms. However, a bracelet style watch can give you the mafia look, which is not what you are going for.

See it in real life

Buying rose gold online is tricky because you cannot tell the color exactly. As rose gold has varying quantities of gold, copper and silver, possible colors run a spectrum from slightly pink to ruddy. In photographs, rose gold can often look pinkish while it appears more coppery in real life. It is also advisable to buy any gold jewellery from a reputable jeweller to ensure authenticity. You can find cheap rose gold watches and jewellery online, but it?s not worth the risk.

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