24 Clever Tips To Get Past Lazy And Into Shape

It’s the oldest excuse in the book — I’m lazy. Well, we’re all lazy at certain points in time, but is that really a valid excuse not to get into shape? I’ve always believed in the notion that it’s not motivation that causes us to act, but that action causes us to be motivated. The more we do, the greater momentum we create, which pushes us even further.

Of course, if this is true, then we need to find the will to make the first push ourselves, without any momentum helping us.?Starting is the hardest part, and being lazy it’s worst enemy. Thankfully there are some clever tricks to making the beginning not feel so much like the beginning,?but rather, like just another everyday action:

2. Go on walks during long phone conversations

?When you know you?re going to be talking to your mom for a long time, or your friend, take that time to go on a walk,? Kneeland says. ?It?s a mindless and easy way to get an hour of exercise in during a time that you?d be doing nothing anyway.?

Don’t think of it as exercising, think of it as socializing. The article over at Buzzfeed has 23 other such tips, including one in which you never have to leave the couch:

5. If you don?t want to leave your couch, then don?t

You don?t need to leave your house ? or your couch ? to get a solid workout in. There are many accessible exercises and home workouts you can do from your living room, that won?t require you to make the commute to the gym.

Most people think of a gym when they think of working out, but there’s plenty of other options that don’t require such effort or commitment. Take a look through the post for all the tips that you can incorporate into your day.

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