How to make any girl say YES (to anal sex!)?

How to Talk Her Into Anal Sex

Have you ever made it to “5th base” with a girl?

Obviously, I’m talking about ANAL sex;)

If so, then you know how good it feels, and I bet you wish you got more of it?

And if you’ve NEVER felt the pleasure of cumming through the “backdoor”?

Well, I bet you’re dying to try it, right?!

Either way, anal is AWESOME and we all know it?

HOWEVER, it’s also important to do it SAFELY.

Now, as you may remember, I’m currently giving my fans (that means YOU) the chance to (and how to keep her cumming back for more;)

So I figured that since so many of my fans are gonna be pleasuring some lucky girl’s ass SOON??This is probably a good time to go over some safety tips.

After all, rear entry is amazing?but like all things that make us feel good, it can be risky!

So here we go… how to talk to a women…. about anal

1) Always, always, ALWAYS use lube! Otherwise your cock will HURT her?it might even cause her to tear and bleed, which isn’t fun. So keep your hard-on nice and slippery.

3) Start out slow. You want to penetrate her ass gently and gradually. It’s best to insert your cock little by little, rather than forcing it in all at once. It might take a few minutes to get your whole unit in there?but trust me, the pleasure will be well worth the wait;)

3) ?And once you’re in, don’t pull back out until you’ve both ‘finished’!

When you’re doing her pussy, you can slip in and out as much you please (like every time you switch positions)…

But that’s NOT the case with anal. Girls don’t like going through the process of “putting it in” more than once per session.

4) And finally, remember: your cock can go from her front door to her backdoor?but never the other way around.

Okay?now you’re officially ready for the ALL the anal action you’re going to get using the Rear Entry Made Easy approach!


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