How to Enhance Your Health with Fruit Infused Water

Any health expert will tell you that drinking water is by far one of the best things that you can do for your body, whether you’re trying to lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve your general health, or simply get more energy.

The more water that you get into your system, the more your body will be able to regulate its temperature, protect the vital organs within, and even improve the way that you look. Unfortunately, although most of us know that drinking water is good for us, it’s hard to convince ourselves to keep chugging down fresh glasses on an hourly basis. As healthy as it might be, plain H2O is pretty boring when it comes to flavor and taste.

Unfortunately, simply switching your regular bottled water for some of the flavored versions may not be an appropriate alternative, as there’s basically no benefit from the nutrient additions you find in juices, energy drinks, and vitamin waters.

What’s more ? since all of these “energy-boosting” beverages are typically packed with sugar, the more you drink, the more damage you could be doing to your health. Luckily, if you are getting bored of the same old tap water, then there is an option out there for you to consider. Try infusing your water with fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, and you can access some super-charged H2O that helps to keep you hydrated, and relieves some of your biggest health woes.

Here are Some Fruity Mixes That are Definitely Worth a Try.

1. Citrus Sensation

Women may talk about bloating more often than men do, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t suffer from it. Whether you’re struggling with eating too much salt, or you’ve just had a few meals in a row that haven’t sat right on your stomach, grabbing a glass of water that’s enriched with the right extra ingredients could bust bloat in no time at all. Next time you’re feeling the bloat, try this recipe infused with citrus?there’s no need to refrigerate either, you can just let the mixture sit on the counter for as long as three days.

Simply add two sliced lemons, 10 or 12 mint leaves, and half a cucumber to three quarts of water and let the mixture settle over night before drinking it warm for a refreshing and health-boosting brew.

2. Pineapple and Strawberry Cooler

We’ve all had those moments where ? as much as we might not like to admit it ? we simply need some time to sit back, relax, and let the tension fade away. Some people take this as an opportunity to hit the sauna or veg out in front of the television for a couple of hours, but why not grab a bottle of fruit-infused water to boost your health at the same time. This drink isn’t only refreshing and delicious, it’s also ideal for helping you to relax, with the addition of sage, which has been used throughout aromatherapy for decades.

Combine a quarter cup of crushed strawberries with a quarter cup of crushed pineapple and one leaf of sage in twelve ounces of water. Once you’re done, stick the mixture into the freezer and wait for it to go ice-cold before drinking. Well, not too cold since you do not want to freeze your throat. That is not a pleasant experience! Your brain will literally tell you that!

3. Tangerine Weight-Loss Miracle

Looking for an easy and delicious way to help your metabolism work better than ever? This delicious drink is packed with metabolism boosters that help you lose weight fast and jump-start your metabolism. Just a single cup of green tea can be enough to help your metabolism work better than ever, while the addition of tangy tangerines help to stimulate the genes that burns fat on a regular basis. Throw in some mint for calorie-free flavor and you’re ready to go.

All you need to make this concoction is a single tangerine that you’ve sliced accordingly, a handful of mint leaves and eight cups of brewed green tea. Put everything together in a large pitcher and stir every now and again to make sure that the flavors fuse properly overnight. For maximum results, try to drink around a pitcher of this drink every day. Your body will send you a thank you card for this decision.

4. Berry Blast

Finally, this incredibly infusion is exceptional for boosting your energy levels, ensuring you feel bright and refreshed every morning, and giving a little bit of extra flavor to your day. All you need to make it is two cups of raspberries, some fresh spring water, a large lemon that’s been cut into half-inch slices, and a couple of dried dates. Place the whole lot into a large jar or pitcher and pour the water on top. You should make sure that the fruit has the time to settle for at least one hour before you drink it.


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