25 Ways to Get More Out of a Five-Minute Break

We’re always short of time, putting off the things we enjoy or that we know are beneficial because we just have too much work to do.?Time is a scarce resource, this is true, but that only points to the fact we should be taking more of it for ourselves, otherwise it might fly by while we’re too occupied with “important” things.

Most of us can afford 5 minutes here and there. We get breaks (At least I hope you do), and there’s always a little time when you get home from work or even before you leave in the morning, and while it might not seem long enough to actually achieve anything in, you might be surprised to find out just how useful those tiny portions of time can be. An article on the Huffington Post has nicely presented us with 25 ways to get more out of those little breaks, including:

Step outside and let the sun shine on your face, arms, back, or legs (sans sunscreen). The vitamin D boost is good in the moment and over time.

While relaxing in the sun is nice, perhaps you need something more physically demanding:

Do a speed round: ten wall push-ups, ten toe touches, ten squats, and a ten-second wall sit.

There’s plenty of options — 25 in fact, so there will be something for everyone. Read through them to find out what will work for you.

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