5 Ways To Raise Sexual Tension

Sexual tension is critical to elevating the nature of a relationship.

Women are turned on by escalation and anticipation. So without that tension, you?ll quickly find yourself in the friend-zone.

9/10 guys don?t really make a point to do this, which is why they find themselves getting so frustrated, and why women don?t see them as a sexual candidate.

Even if it?s the girl taking the initial interest in you, her interest will soon fade when you don’t escalate things.

Here are some simply ways to raise the levels of sexual tension.


1. Bicker.

Not to be confused with acting like a flat out dick, bickering and teasing can actually be good for a lot of positive emotions.

Beyond appearing confident by not sheepishly agreeing with everything she says, you also become something of a challenge for her.

You stand out from the crowd, but you?re also making it difficult for her to impress you, and that fuels a need to win, because winning is satisfying.

It creates unique rapport with inside jokes, and natural tension between the two of you.


2. Physical contact.

Also known as KINO, but let?s be clear about respecting individual boundaries here. Don?t be the bad high school pervert from an 80s movie. This should to be as non-threatening as humanly possible.

But ?flourish? touches during conversation, like touching a hand, shoulder, hips or lower back are generally fine and a great way to break an initial sexual barrier.

It establishes that you?re not intimidated or shy, and can create an immediate bond.

Just remember, this is about making her comfortable with you, not about creeping her out.


3. Having fun.

Oxytocin is a really powerful chemical in your brain that creates feelings of love and lust. It?s released when we feel positive emotions.

So always making an interaction fun is a great way to raise the level of sexual tension between the two of you.

Make her laugh and?take her on fun dates. Make her smile.


4. Sexualize conversation.

Again this is about showing that you?re unafraid to take things to a sexual realm, but it?s also a way to create a level of comfort between you and a girl.

If you?re able to get her comfortable enough to talk about sex with?you, then you?re automatically viable as a sexual candidate as well.

But more than anything, talking about sex can be a real turn on. Fantasies, past experiences and so on. If you?re actively turning each other on just by talking, it raises the tension.


5. Establish attraction.

This is the easiest, biggest game changer to save you from the friend zone.

Manning up and admitting your attraction for a girl in a fun, playful, flirty way will revolutionize your entire dating life.

It?s as simple as,

?Your hair?s so sexy, I can?t even concentrate.?


?Okay you win, when do you want to get married??

Just mean what you say, and say what you mean.

It just spins the conversation in an entirely new, sexualized direction, and differentiates you from the 99 other guys who will never admit that they?re interested in a girl that way.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.