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Style tips for the fat guy

Suspenders are an asset to the overweight man’s wardrobe.

Dress appropriately for your weight

It is easier to dress well than it is to lose weight. These tips will make your imposing size work for you.

Wear clothes that fit

This tip is for everyone, regardless of size. Wearing clothing that fits your body is the most important aspect of dressing well. Larger men are often guilty of squeezing into clothes that used to fit, or pulling the biggest size off the rack regardless of fit. You may assume you know your size, but when you buy clothes, try on one size either side to see if a different size will fit better. Too tight clothes will cling to your bulgy areas and make you look like a stuffed sausage, while clothing that is too loose will make you look like you have given up on life.

No tee shirts

People will judge you for being fat. A sloppy tee shirt will only encourage people to think you do not care about your appearance. Dress more formally than is required so you look dignified rather than lazy. Collared shirts should be your go-to item, rather than tee shirts.

A structured jacket

The boxy shape of a jacket will make you appear imposing rather than squishy. A well-fitting suit jacket will create a silhouette with cleaner lines. It will also cover your arms, which can be a problem area for larger men.

Neck coverage

Some men carry weight around their neck and chin. This is particularly the case for those who are extremely overweight, but it can also happen that your body is conspiring against you to put your fat in all the wrong places. A thick scarf will hide your jiggly neck and chin, while also looking stylish.

Banish pockets

Bulky pockets will only add weight to your appearance. Avoid storing your personal effects in pockets, and try to wear clothes that have few pockets. Cargo pants and jackets with plenty of pockets will do you know favors, while sleek designs will make you appear more streamlined. Accessorise with a man bag so you have no need for pockets.

Avoid patterns

Most patterns will make you look bigger than you are. Larger men should avoid patterned tops and bottoms, although a patterned accessory such as a scarf can have a distracting effect. The only exception for patterns on large men is vertical lines. A subtly lined shirt is visually interesting and has a slimming effect.

Avoid sports clothes

Sportswear is comfortable and available in large sizes, so it is not surprise that fat men can often be found in tracksuits. Avoid this look, as it is a stereotype and looks awful due to its shapelessness. By dressing in more structured clothing, you will come across as stylish. Of course, exceptions can be made if you are actually working out.


Men with large stomachs will find that suspenders are a better option than belts. Your slacks should be in the vicinity of your waist, but large-stomached men often wear them under the belly. A pair of suspenders will restore your pants to their proper location, creating a better fit.

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